OC: Bele Chere Festival

There were people yelling at them. 

There were people yelling at them. 
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15 thoughts on “OC: Bele Chere Festival”

  1. Spots nuts because all the big games are played on Sunday and therefore not being kept hallowed,,,there is however no biblical precedence whatsoever for pot smokers to being going to hell:) I always ant to say to these people “You sure are going to be lonely in heaven,,,since you’ll be the only ones there”

  2. There sure are judgemental fuckers aren’t they – almost makes the Westboro Baptist church people look tame. I didn’t see the words Space Ghetto on their sign, so I guess we’re cool with god?

  3. “God will judge you!” …yup.

    Should God exist, and should he judge each and every one of us (in his no doubt limitless spare time), he’d say something like, “I made you in my image. I made the universe. What did you do? Son, I am disappoint.”

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