60 thoughts on “OC art: Postcard Sg Poster. (postcard exchange or secret Santa?)”

  1. Let me know which card you want, I’ll send it to the adress of your choosing, provided the postage isn’t astronomic. ( my thank you for keepin the ‘ghetto goin’)

  2. That’s so awesome of you. I sent you a private message with my address and I love the second on if you wouldn’t mind :3 I have the perfect place to hang it up!

  3. Thank you ma’am! I draw many bits of visual influence from the ghetto (conscious and in passing) if the picture is a win, I believe it is because the dear old ‘Ghetto is a win.

  4. Thank you, deeply. Creativity is a fickle bitch , and I wish for more of Her. That’s why I come to the ghetto, always something new. It gets those creative juices flowing.

  5. Wow. Honored, sir, I can’t promise to always be this awesome, because you see, I’m incredibly humble, I almost received an award for it. Most humble man in north America and parts of Canada Award would have been mine, except they found out I payed a guy to drug my competition.

    True humility is so difficult to keep a hold of.
    Perhaps that’s why you like me. (cause I’m full of shit and giggles)
    Or probably it’s the art.
  6. Since I used to start my gigs with “Here’a a little something…. for your ass” I gotta go with number 3. 

    BTW – Axe man and the Hatchet Jobs – shall be the name of my next band. Thanks!

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