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  1. My point was that “Post new comment” and “reply” are not the same things.  And once so plainly hinted at, you STILL didn’t get it, did you?  You are the most obtuse and slow witted “smart” person I’ve ever dealt with.  That’s why I LOVE to fuck around with you.  You’re like a pet ferret. And I don’t even have to feed you anything but the occasional insult.  I love you.

  2. Your arguments on this thread, relative to Norway, demonstrate your grasp on current affairs very well indeed.

    You’re a very astute man with a really firm grasp on reality and the skill to recognise and focus on things that really matter.

    (I’m really pleased that my oversight when replying hasn’t done anything to stop you seeing that it is a reply … it’s that old ‘you write and then I write’ thing, taking turns – works every time – just like a real life conversation. And you figured it out really quickly, WELL DONE YOU – AGAIN!)

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