New SG Update

Hey y’all!  Happy Solstice!

I am aware we don’t have enough memory and things time out.  We are talking to the host about an upgrade.  We haven’t done a fund-drive here since June 2014 and getting the upgrade will cost about double the current hosting.  Are folks willing to kick in a few bucks toward those costs?

Also still working on local avatars so we don’t have to use Gravatar.  Issue is working out how to allow that one kind of file upload without letting naughty users add other media and use up the server space or put illegal content onto our server.

I hope your Solstice season is sweet.Solstice




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  1. No problem.  I’m sure we can find enough money somewhere.  Maybe next year we could have a voluntary $5.00 participation fee for the Secret Satan?   Usually the Secret Satan people are long term users that if able would help.  More than thirty people participated this year.  Wouldn’t cover the whole cost but it’s a big chunk of it.  You can always PM me and I’ll come up with as much of it as I can.    

  2. yeah i can do $10 USD. but last time you had paypal they took it away right? terms of service or whatever. my username at gmail to tell me how to help. also nice neat look. much easier on the eyes.

  3. What was the error again? When I saw it it looked like that annoying WP error that puts a hard limit on the amount of memory the site can use. In which case its just changing a config file. But I was drunk at the time so heh

  4. I’m having a bit of a problem with the new site. The only post that seems to display an image for me is this very first one. The rest of the posts are all empty for me.

  5. Can someone sticky a tutorial on how to post images in new posts?

    Somehow the image tool exists in the comments but not for new posts….that seems like a bug

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