my new scar

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26 thoughts on “my new scar”

  1. if you can’t jack, perhaps a prostate massage will suffice. worry that walnut till the milky balsam flows, sailor.

    hope you heal quick.

  2. Hope it feels better soon my man.  I have a scar next to my cock as well.  Got my lymph nodes taken out due to a melanoma on my calf.  he scar is right in the crease where my leg meets my abdomen/cock n balls.  It’s still numb due to severed nerves.  Feels weird.

  3. Hey thanks, man.  I have an old scar about the same place (so now I have bilateral scars above my junk) from 25 years ago (cancer) that is till kinda numb.  Yeah, it’s weird. You’ll get used to it.

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