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  1. me left… crae, right. shenanigans.

    we went drinking at bars, then i drew on him when he passed out before waking him up to go eat pancakes
  2. The 12 Apostles (of which there are only 8 now, I think), Great Ocean Road, Victoria.  I have some more photos of them with just the beauty of nature and not my ugly mug in them that i will upload soonish.  Visited there recently on the journey home from Melbourne.

  3. Tell me about it. Taking a look at the men on either side of my family, that shit ain’t in the cards for another few years. I’m one of those people in their mid 20s who only needs to shave every three days 😐

  4. The whole thing says “Don’t doubt me, I am Awesome”. Yeah, there’s a story that goes with it… But anyways… Here ’tis – in a ‘spooning with Klaus’ edition. (And no. I’m not actually that badly two-toned… that only seems to happen in photos… 

  5. This was mine. Just after it broke. (Why did I tell the kids to do the washing up that day???) Yeah, I can easily buy another one but it was given to me as a gift… so is therefore irreplaceable. *sad*

  6. I know. I almost cried. The kids moved in stunned silence for the rest of the night, waiting for me to go ballistic on them… I just held this in my hands and stared at it. 


    Whoever it was give them a firm talking to, and make sure they’re off the fucking table.

    Also glue. Not that they get off the glue, well that too I suppose.

  8. something about a book by it’s cover? i shower regularly. idk i guess one could justifiably classify my friends and i as hipsters. 

    especially this douche ^
    he also made this one night after i passed out sitting in a chair :/
  9. Oh my god that’s funny as all hell!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!

    Yeah, I should be able to stick it back together… but I dont’ know what with yet. I’m still getting over the shock. *le sigh* 

  10. Kids: mom, you ok? you: just…just leave me and my mug. And then you give them the thousand yard stare. And the next day when they wake up you’ve made a shrine out of the mug, and say to your children that for the rest of their lives everytime they walk past it they have to apologize to the mug. because mug is sacred. that’ll teach ’em

  11. I kid you not, that’s pretty much exactly what went down. It now sits on the windowsill just above the sink, where they can see it all the time… They’re still apologising for it, yes. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAHA!! *oh dear*

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