Monday, October 17 @ 6:42:41 pm

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29 thoughts on “Monday, October 17 @ 6:42:41 pm”

  1. God damn mother fucking shit cock sucker what the fuck?  I’m sick to death of this deprived, pathetic fucking world that can’t even acknowledge the pain of a 2 year old girl.  Humans fucking suck.

  2. here comes the repost police:
    your video is bad quality, it was way better on first posted entry

    Girl survived, in original video from chinese tv (with a speaker) the last minutes show their in a hospital emergency room, parents crying outside

  3. chinese babies are 35% lead, if that minivan hit a chinese baby at 20 mph the entire front end would be crumpled up and shitting the radiator all to fuck

    so either one of two things happened everyone walked by thinking “no way am I picking her up, chinese babies are heavy as fuck” or were like “see this why taiwan has a shit reputation for a shit product plus I have a mah jongg game to go to AH FONG NONG BONG NONG NONG”

    sorry, I had to get that out of my system

  4. Yeah, LP just sent the link to his post. I was trying to find it on Live Leak but kept coming up with nothing. I’m sure it’s on there somewhere. I don’t what the fuck is up with the LOTR music in the one I posted. Hate it when people put that shit on these videos. Anyway, can’t believe she lived through that fucking shit! 

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