Prince vs. Kate Bush : Sign o’ That Hill
David Bowie vs. James Brown : Hot Fame
James Brown vs. Judas Priest : Electric Sex Machine
Sex Pistols vs. Madonna : Ray of Gob
Thin Lizzy vs. Pixies : The Boys Are Back In Heaven
Pixies vs. Talking Heads : Hey In A Lifetime
Blondie vs. The Doors : Rapture Riders
Louis Armstrong vs. Angelo Badalamenti : What Wonderful Twin Peaks
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds vs. Yazoo : Don’t Go Red Right Hand
Rage Against The Machine vs. CCR : Killing In a Bad Moon
Benny Goodman vs. Jethro Tull : After Aqualung’s Gone
Stevie Wonder vs. David Bowie : Famous Superstition
Steely Dan vs. Daft Punk : Daft Dan
Tom Petty vs.The Beatles : Mary Jane Girl
Aphex Twin vs. Tom Waits : Disk Prep Building…
David Bowie vs. T. Rex : Space Dancer

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