8 thoughts on “live cam”

  1. I’m interested in what kind of toilet this is?  Must be one of those European toilets where its just low to the ground.

    5:40 pretty good



    Then 10:30 is good. She goes forever and a good ass shot.  Another good ass at 14:00.

    Beautiful shot at 20:20

    39:00 and 45;00


    1. Fucking women piss like cows. The vid did make me horny to do  anal on a couple of them though. I fapped……it’s all good now

      Shit, not a piece of toilet paper used either, no wonder so much pussy tastes like piss.

  2. Jeezuz…I have never seen a more inefficient piece of plumbing in my life…no good stream…lettin it drip dry….piss all over the place drippin off the hair…no wonder they smell if they look after them like that !

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