25 thoughts on “lindsay lohan”

  1. You can almost feel the vacuum where the emotion should be in this shoot. Show me her being vomited on by 6-8 asians girls and then i might give a fuck about this trainwreck.

  2. she married arthur miller because he was smart then dumped him because she made him feel dumb then she married joe dimaggio and dumped him because he verbally abused  and probably beat the shit out of her and then hooked up with frank sinatra which was of cource a vast improvement

    that said how dare some drug addict bang brett ratner and not act her way out of a paper bag and claim the throne of our most esteemed and untouchable sex goddesses or whatever those who care call it title or whatever for dudes who beat off to pictures

  3. I like how her career will still forever be just as dead as marilyn monroe – whose playboy photoshoot this is both supposed to mimic, and from so many decades back still outshines this waste of effort

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