lets see your ink ghetto

making good on a promise to ul a pic of it

lets see yours

making good on a promise to ul a pic of it

lets see yours

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  1. bear with the shitty self-pics taken with webcam and cell phone.
    somewhat “themed” but not entirely. i feel so random and patchy. i kinda like it but i can’t wait to fill the gaps and start background/sleeving

    ^ still need light rays behind om/lotus flowers

    ^ you can see how my right arm (on left) doesn’t completely straighten due to the plate and 4 screws in it… hence the hinge on the inside elbow.

    milky eye needs touching up, got way light. stitches incorporate surgery scar.

    ^ green/gray wash is uneven from different sittings, needs a going-over

    ^ needs re-color and white or gray fill to keep the ink from spreading and closing up parts of it.
    and yes i’m fat n lazy cuz i can afford to be, but i’m starting to work on it.


    ^ lump by left calla lily is nerve/muscle damage from car accident

    Octophant… one of my favs:

    early cuyler – squidbillies

    unfinished (duh)
    shitty tattoo i did on myself

  2. dude, awesome tattoo’s, color isn’t really my thing. but in your case I say awesome. touching up is going to be a bitch though with so many colors.

  3. My brother died 10 years ago. The signature is from a letter he wrote to me while in jail a few years before he died.  Also, very old tattoo above it.  I should probably get that covered up.

  4. I don’t know who did the original picture. I found it in a google image search for Squidbillies / Early Cuyler.
    One of my tattoo artists (Billy Proffitt) re-drew it slightly and added Early’s shotgun and a bottle of booze / party liquor.

    I’m not sure if this is the original location/host, it’s the original pic:

    tattoo stencil:

  5. ehh,

    it wasn’t intentional to look like harley. i told the artist what i wanted and he sketched it out right in front of me.

    its supposed to be my mischievous side. heh. heh.

    thank you.

  6. He was in jail, huffing a hospital grade cleanser used to clean their cells.  The COs ignored him doing this, and he took in more than his body could handle.

  7. I’m not sure if I told you this before, but my buddy is the lead animator on that show and I linked that pic to him and he thought it was awesome. 😀

  8. soo jealous of your poppies!

    i dont have a clear picture of my work but it’s a mish mash sleeve. i had three large pieces and then filled in the empty spaces with some shapes and feathers and leaves.

  9. If I get an actual SG one it would be the zombie pic. I love it so much. But I’m getting a couple of others, inspired by SG in a way. It’ll be a while though. Fundage and all… 

  10. Alas it is not his show, and you would be surprised how little he actually makes.  No glamor at all.  He did get to do this on TV though….

  11. This one will look awesome once it’s finished.

    I got this one after my brother died in a motorcycle accident. He used to own a Chevy S-10 lowrider. I intentionally had “loving” spelled with an “e”.

  12. Part of the reason is because I wanted “love” to be spelled out. The other, well, I didn’t want it to look like any other memorial tattoo.

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