69 thoughts on “let’s get this started.”

  1. So is this pocket/purse contents or things that can be found near?

    Anyway, these are the contents of my purse:
    I can’t find my wallet at the moment, and I can assure you I don’t usually carry around textbooks, I totally forgot to take it out of my bag lullzz
  2. God DAMN you people carry a bunch of shit around.

    Wallet, keys, phone, and Leatherman.  Not even going to bother taking a picture of four things.

  3. how do you people sit, walk, or get anything constructive done when you’re carrying around all this shit!!???

    dude i carry my wallet, phone, keys. thats it.
    sometimes i leave my wallet in the truck if i dont think i’ll need it

  4. Easy, I don’t put anything in my pockets, it all goes in my bag! 🙂

    It’s a girl thing. I guess that’s why manpurses are totally gay.
  5. If I’m heading out for the pub, the only things I’m carrying are my keys, phone, id and money/card. All in my pockets. Leaves my hands free for drinking. =D  (Oh yeah, and earphones – for the walk home…)

  6. Phone is not pictured, as is not the camera. Between 5-7 of these are omitted at times. And that skull bag is within the other bag I carry to hold the smaller shit.

  7. Burts’ Bees, not tested on animals but owned by Clorox which does. You probs don’t care which is cool but most people don’t know that.

  8. I did not know that. Don’t really care that much tbh. I do try to avoid products that test on animals. Made the switch with a lot of my bathroom man products.

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