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  1. eek? Strapon? People like you are the sole bastions this hallowed keep has against the pounding shit tsunami that’s been drowning SG since open registration began. When merely valuable users leave, the shit:worthwhile ratio increases significantly; when definitive users like you (particularly eek) leave, users whose posts represent some of the gold standards of SG and who each contribute their characteristic stank to the diarrheal Space Ghetto rainbow, that ratio climbs even more, in a way for which the rest of us mediocre-to-decent posters can’t hope to compensate. You’re part of a garrison of fewer than 30 core Ghettonians responsible for providing the majority of this site’s quality, the ones whose posts we wade through the morass of tedious redundant shit to see and who’re crucial in keeping the median content quality high enough to offset the hordes of new incompetents.

    Without you and your kind, this ship is as good as scuttled; the only chance we have against the deluge of come-latelies (beyond flaming them into the dirt and hoping the mods get fucking Draconian), is as exemplars of what it is to be contributing members of a community not content to be mired in the same stagnant by-the-numbers memes and viral shit parades that pass as content elsewhere. If you’re really going to stop posting, at least get verbal when you see any assholes begging to be smote by sounding off when you see shitty posts. You’re important, if not as a continued poster then a vigilant policeman. Don’t cede control of Rome to these interlopers! Rally! Onward, noble tribunes!


  2. i would think normally when people are shitty it makes other people try
    to be better instead of quitting.  how very counter productive of you.

  3. OH and copy/pasta’in this for the 3rd time today. honestly people, get it together.

    you don’t like what they are doing? police them. this is your site. whipping bad/new users into shape is what our veteran users are for. when we were a pay site we were stale as fuck. this is a normal growing pain.

  4. I sincerely apologize, especially to the new users, for my pissy little bitch tirade. It was uncalled for and I was angry over something completely different when posting this. I’m a fool for taking it out on others here and look forward to the future of SG.

    Since there are no badges anymore…

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