29 thoughts on “ladies; does anyone actually use this?”

  1. what is this? and why haven’t i heard of this?

    i thought it was a douche, or some kind of vag cleanser. i do use summers eve vaginal wash, cause you know.. a bitch gotta keep her jawns smellin good and clean.

  2. well, vis a vis not not clogging up plumbing with feminine hygiene products, google it and order it, because I’ve talked to a lot of plumbers, and they are freaked out by tampons.
    To be realistic, the shit diet of most people and the reams of toilet paper they use is the problem, but feminine hygiene freaks them out, so whatever :/
    vaginas are awesome, deal with them any way you want until vaginas get respect!
    vaginas are not respected by spellcheck, fuck tha man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  3. Yep. Can get a bit messy during changing(especially in public bathrooms), plus I like to rinse between the insertions. You can’t feel anything really, don’t be a dumb thirteen year old thinking that this will be uncomfortable or get you off, like you thought with tampons. Speaking of, I’m low maintenance so never having to buy a fucking tampon/feminine product ever again is SO worth it. Does take some finesse to position.

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