6 thoughts on “Kirsty Whiten Rocks!”

  1. Garciuh,  You are keeping new posts coming and I have said this before that more of us need to post.  I get home from work…tired and worn out and enjoy a little SG before bed.  I just never seem to have the energy to post often.  So, THANK YOU for keeping the dream alive dude!


  2. Thinking more about this problem of few “posters” of late.

    Try putting out a request for first-timer posts.  If someone does, give them some kind of acknowledgment for their effort.  I’m not sure how that can be done…maybe think on it and we’ll come up with something.  I don’t know the numbers but it seems there are a lot of lurkers.  Maybe Spring Break has something to do with it.

    I’ll try to do my part and put up a post soon.  Thanks for all you do!

  3. It would help tremendously if new posters didn’t get slagged by others for their contributions.  I was a long-time lurker and greatly enjoyed this site for it’s unique and diverse array of imagery.  When I saw the posting start to dwindle, with days going by without any fresh uploads, I decided folks might enjoy my collection of female-oriented desktops… I’ve collected and/or created over 9,000 of them.  But I got the distinct impression from the star ratings that my efforts were little appreciated… and when one member took it upon him/her self to explicitly urge me to stop posting, I just lost it.  Probably too much wine that night… but still… I was posting for the benefit of the lurkers and members.  I don’t really need to waste my time if it’s unappreciated… and I don’t need to feel wanted, I’m very comfortable and confident in my place in this world.  But I’m a freelance commercial artist… and the last thing I need is criticism… I get enough of that in real life… I don’t need to feed the trolls.

    1. Yeah, the heavy criticism goes all the way back to LiveJournal in 2006.  It’s actually a lot friendlier now than it was back then.  A bunch of the folks who lived to bring the hate have fucked off since then.

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