Just another day at the office *OC*

Greetings from Nevada.  And here you thought all there was was casinos and hookers.

And yes, that’s my truck.  Tis a little on the filthtastic side, but it’s winter.

Working hard, or hardly working?  You make the call.  Personally, I can’t believe they pay me to do this.  Well, most of the time anyway.

Greetings from Nevada.  And here you thought all there was was casinos and hookers.

And yes, that’s my truck.  Tis a little on the filthtastic side, but it’s winter.

Working hard, or hardly working?  You make the call.  Personally, I can’t believe they pay me to do this.  Well, most of the time anyway.

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  1. Funny you should mention it, I’m delivering in Colton Monday morning.  I’m planning on holing up for the night tomorrow at the Flying J in Hesperia.  I have to be up and rolling pretty early in the morning Monday though, so any extracurricular activities would have to end pretty early lest I turn into a pumpkin.

  2. hey man, I work in the trucking industry, how do you like the Prostar? I take it it has a CAT engine? I’m not a driver I am a mechanic. Personally, I can tell you the Pro-Stars are junk. Every one that comes into our shop always has at least 5 recalls on it for dumb shit the engineers should have caught.
    Any-who, drive safe man

  3. Nah, it has a Cummins ISX in it.  The CAT hat is just something I bought back in August when my head was getting sunburnt to beat hell during training, and I only bought it because it was $12 cheaper than the Carhartt one I was originally going to get.  So far it hasn’t been bad.  They had to fix the turbo before they put me on the truck, and the leveling valve went tits up a couple days ago, but other than that I haven’t had any problems.  Of course, I’ve only been driving it for about a month, so God only knows what’s going to happen down the road, but I have no complaints about the ride quality or driveability.

  4. awesome! I demand moar OTR pics!

    PS the information that you have provided in this thread has blown my fucking mind.  I congratulate you and your success!

  5. The is ISX is a very good engine, consider yourself lucky. The Navistar engines they have been putting in these things are junk. Cummins is an independent compnay, they make a solid engine. What kind of Transmission do you have? Nothing beats an Eaton Fuller, or Meritor. But if it is Autoshift, you are lossing power. The only way to drive a truck is with manual.

  6. Oh damn I missed you! I’m in Nevada! Where was this picture taken? If yer ever near Gardnerville (Highway 395), or even Carson City hit me up! p.s. when I get around to it, I’m gonna have a bunch of gif images from the movie Dual for ya! And the Road Warrior of course. They’ll be done sometime in 2012. OH! And do you listen to a lot of Coast to Coast AM? And do you have a handle? What is it? In the meantime, keep on truckin’ partner!

  7. i often think i’m destined to be a trucker.  i just love driving.  seeing the country in the process? BONUS!  there really isn’t much in the world that i love more than a good road trip.  i would have to go independent, though, so’s i can bring my dag with me…but i ‘d imagine that would require a fair amount of startup cash, which i don’t have.  damn.  dreams smashed again.  i shall live vicariously through you then, good dr.

  8. You ever pick up hitchhikers? i know some companies have strict policy but i got a ride this summer from albuquerque to san jose.  The guy owned his own truck and seemed like he was a freelancer.  Really nice guy, some moments were weird and he would go from talking about the anthropology of the local indians right into how to convince a girl to do anal.  He bought us food and drove with him for 3 days.

    Gonna do the same thing this summer, in north carolina on i-40, gonna hope to get straight to albuquerque, FOR FREE!
  9. I’m afraid it is.  I have to be up at the ungodly hour of 4 am (!!!!) to make sure I get to my delivery appointment on time.  I aint taking no chances with LA area traffics on a Monday morning.  Le sigh.  Another time I suppose.

  10. I have an Eaton Fuller 13-speed.  I basically just use the first 8 gears, then flip the red switch to high for the overdrive.  I don’t bother dicking around with hi/lo in 5-7.  Way too much effort for a difference of about 200 rpm.

  11. This was at the only rest area on US95 between the Oregon border and Winnemucca, probably about 30 or so miles from Winnemucca.  I went in to use the shitter, and came out and saw my truck with the mountains as the backdrop and went “PHWOAR!  That is fucking awesome!”

    I don’t listen to the radio…like, at all.  I think my antenna’s messed up.  I can’t get any stations.  I just plug my Zune into the radio and listen to whatever I have on there, plus I have a bunch of my CDs that I can pop in.

    I have no CB yet, so I have no need for a handle.  I’m hoping to be able to afford one soon.  Damned things are expensive…well, good ones are anyway.

  12. There are companies that will allow pets on the truck…although you might have special issues considering what kind of hound you’re talking about.  Which is utter bullshit IMO, but I’m not jumping up on that soapbox right now.

  13. Lol, no, and I don’t have a little feral child sidekick either.

    Seriously though, it’s against federal law to have firearms on a commercial vehicle.

  14. Yeah, our company has a pretty strict rider policy.  You can have passengers…but you have to pay $126 a year to do it, and you have to clear every one of them individually through the company first.  Also no children under 10, ever.

  15. I’m not really sure just how it works yet since I haven’t taken any riders along yet, but since it’s an insuance thing I’m sure there’s some stuff in there about faxing copies of IDs and such as, which can be kinda difficult alomgside the highway. And besides which, I’m really not interested in getting shanked by some “hapless pedestrian” who’s really Rutger Hauer.

    Oh yeah, you better believe I’ve seen ” The Hitcher.”

  16.  The Hitcher….. YIKES!  Nope, I was thinking more about someone you actually know who wants to travel someplace you are going, and then later returning with you on a return trip.

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