John Pike – Call and say how great of an officer he is!

The officer who pepper-sprayed UC Davis students is Lt. John Pike. Give his PD a call


The officer who pepper-sprayed UC Davis students is Lt. John Pike. Give his PD a call


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25 thoughts on “John Pike – Call and say how great of an officer he is!”

  1. Call him and say, “Good job, officer!”

    I know, I know…everytime I post something in opposition to the OWS crowd, people call me evil, stupid, conservative, etc…….

    But, see, the thing with civil disobedience is that when you occupy public spaces, cause public disruption and resist arrest repeatedly, you become subject to suitable methods of police force.  You are not entitled to soft-gloves treatment because you’re on a college campus, because you’re young and educated, because you wear hipster clothes or because you have staged your protests to garner exactly this type of response.

    Personally, if I was police chief or in charge of removing these demonstrators, I would use artificial rain (i.e. mass sprinklers, not harsh water hoses).  Wet iphones?!?!  No protestor would sit that out. 

    Anyway, have a good Sunday. 


  2. i’m totally bleeding heart liberal douchebag, BUT you can’t go into a protest expecting zero force from the police… i don’t have an iphone, ipod, or ipad :).

  3. Protest enforcement policy has gone through three stages. Prior to the 1970’s, the policy was known as ‘Escalated Force’, which was pretty much direct confrontation with the aim of crippling the protest through violence. Then, leading up until the late 90’s, they used ‘Negotiated Management’, which placed a high priority on protecting the amendment rights of protesters. However, this allowed protests to persist indefinitely which was often detrimental to the locals. Ever since then, they have created a compromise between the two paradigms known as ‘Strategic Incapacitation’, which lures protesters into a negotiated management-esque herd which is gradually broken apart by attrition. As part of that paradigm and current policing action in general (which is actually used around the Western world), any resistance of police orders, even peaceful, requires that non-lethal methods of incapacitation be used. I feel sorry for this police officer because his life and family are probably in danger now simply because he was following orders, and somebody has to do this under the system. It could have been any of his co-officers, but he stood up to do it so they wouldn’t have to live in fear of their lives. He won’t lose his job, he will be highly-praised. No one needs to be angry at this man, but the system that enforces this policy.

  4. Your info was good, me likey. But there should be no excusing anyone for their participation in such a system – that’s kind of the point, right? Still, calling/trolling him will only drive him further into the system that considers his horrific actions “honourable”, so I get why attacking him is counterproductive. 

    I hope they keep evicting and shooting and gassing and arresting and spraying and jabbing and following orders. Nothing could better demonstrate exactly what their priorities are.
  5. that’s correct, civil disobedience is disobedience, and you have to expect reaction (and overreaction) by the police.  that doesn’t make the nature of their reaction automatically correct, even if you do expect it. i don’t see (and have not read a single viable report) of any reaction or activity that necessitated this blasé pepperspraying.  it forces us to have a conversation about what is and is not acceptable in terms of action and response.

    the question about expectation versus justification is a valid one to ask.  the people (not all kids) protesting under OWS are a good sight braver than pretty much anyone loudly pontificating about them, that’s for sure, and they’ve changed the national discourse whether or not we like the direction.

  6. i can’t occupy public space?wtf?is public space is no ones space!it belongs to everybody!if i want to stay in one place all day the police can make me leave the PUBLIC SPACE?IT MEANS THAT THIS IS NO PUBLIC SPACE!

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