It’s that time again.

New server is yet virginal for a medthread (unless one escaped my notice)

Technical diagnosis: The Crazy (BiPolar II):

600mg Lithium, 300mg Lamotrigine (Lamictal), 50mg Seroquel, nightly; 30mg Dexedrine daily (but I’m mysteriously out ’til next week -_-)

Post the Rx without which you would be even more of a minimally functioning basketcase than you already are!

New server is yet virginal for a medthread (unless one escaped my notice)

Technical diagnosis: The Crazy (BiPolar II):

600mg Lithium, 300mg Lamotrigine (Lamictal), 50mg Seroquel, nightly; 30mg Dexedrine daily (but I’m mysteriously out ’til next week -_-)

Post the Rx without which you would be even more of a minimally functioning basketcase than you already are!

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  1. i’m also bi-polar, borderline severe anxiety, and ADHD.. so they doctors say..

    i used to take a bunch of meds when i was younger. i actually was diagnosed wrong when i was in elementry school, they gave me adult medication for schizophrenia (my mom didn’t sue). it made me sleep through most of 3rd and 4th grade.

    i took celexa for 6 years (it made a permanate scar making me intollerable to weed for some reason). weed used to really help me with my anger when i was a teen. too bad, i guess. :/

    i’ve been sucessfuly off meds for 5 years. every once in a blue moon i’ll take a xanex for a panic attack.

    i know, i know.. “cool story bro.” but i thought i would add in. 🙂


  2. Weed’s all I need to keep my head straight, along with a decent diet (cutting sugar/refined carbs/highly processed food) and exercise a few times a week.   Lisinopril, Atenolol, and HCTZ for blood pressure, but because I’ve lost a bunch of weight, I’ll probably be able to get off at least 2 of those in the next few months.  

  3. I have run from one end of the spectrum to the other, from zoloft to xanax, stayed for a couple years on Depakote and Klonopin. I realized that for the most part, it’s the other people in my life that prefer me on meds – that like me better when I am doped. I like me just fine, mostly, and I am perfectly fine if I don’t have too much caffeine or go to public places. I of miss the Klonopin sometimes though. 

  4. I take Lexapro 30mg and Klonopin 1mg daily.
    No more giant pill box cocktail daily.
    Helps me sleep and be around people. I have pretty bad social anxiety.

  5. 150mg Zoloft daily… but I still get bad anxiety. I think I need to have them adjusted/switched. I was on Citalopram, but that shit knocked me out and I didn’t feel anything emotionally. 

  6. I take 600mg Lithuim x2, 40mg Paxil x2 and Seroquel for sleep. It helps keep the OCD, PTSD, anxiety and panic attacks at bay. Weed on top of it helps also : – )

  7. Can’t really say much about it…anything I ever took made me feel like shit except for…I think celexa. Some ‘c’ named medication, but blehch…swallowing a stupid little BC pill is annoying enough.

  8. was on lexapro, wellbutrin xl, seroquel, and a metric fuckton of lithium before i got kicked off my health insurance

    now?  just weed + vitamins

  9. I am medication administration certified, so you can all trust me to properly dispense all your meds to you. Do you need applesauce with that? 

    No but really, most of the people I work for would put all your drug lists to shame. 
  10. Chronic chronic abuse is consistent with all the definitive diagnostic criteria of addiction. I love the heshers’ tireless popsych invocation “it’s not addictive!”

  11. Bipolar Type I.  Diagnosed in 1997.  Hospitalized five times. 
    Current cocktail: 1500mg lithium, 3/25mg Symbyax
    Feeling the most stable I have felt in eons.

    Now then.  Let’s talk about you, Bob.

    Your cocktail is bullshit. 

    I have no idea why you have an Rx for Dexedrine.  Who in their right mind would give a psychostimulant to a bipolar?  Yes, let’s give you something that will trigger manias.  Good job.

    Your Seroquel dose is for pussies.  300mg is the target.  What, are you
    just using it for sleep?  Fuck you, drink some warm milk and read a

    600mg of lithium? Does that even do anything?  Most doctors start their patients at 900mg.  Therapeutic blood level range of lithium is 0.8 to 1.2 mEq/L… go get your blood done.  $20 says you’re low.

    Or are you weaning off it because of the Lamictal?  Because they’re both mood stabilizers and not often prescribed together.  Your Lamictal is the only one that makes sense.  I hope you develop the rash.

    Talk to your doctor.  It sounds like he isn’t convinced of your diagnosis, as Type II is kind of a cop out in itself.  You see, the only difference between type I and II is that II has not had a manic episode.  So, your doc thinks you show a lot of symptoms of being bipolar, but you don’t have the one big key ingredient of ever gone manic.  Which kind of means that you’re not really bipolar since you don’t visit both poles.

    Seriously though.  Did you not do any research?  Did you not bother to google what you’re taking?

  12. Bipolar I.. Diag = 2008

    1800 Lithium
    hospitalized 2x
    currently off meds and self medicating.. ins played out.. lol
    but i agree with loremipsum
    600 mg of lithium and 50mg Seroquel is like a placebo dose.. not even enough to really get any good done.. 
    seems to me that you got yourself a Script doctor.  Either hes getting kickbacks for prescribing you “a little of everything” or your like 16 years old and stupid and just paid the doc to prescribe you the stuff you’ve heard of on tv.. 
    either way I would change your diagnosis from bipolar II (is that a real thing? really?) to simply a childish moron seeking the wrong kind of attention.. 
  13. I’ve been hospitalized once, and coupled with the symptoms that’d catalyzed it, BPII was the tentative diagnosis. Beforehand, conventional SSRIs were ineffectual (I ran the gauntlet, axe about me nigga); mood stabilizers so far have been the watershed.

    I’m one of those people for whom opioids are stimulating and stimulants are sedating. Dexedrine’s for ADHD and it’s doing its work – I feel calm and thoughtful – and so far has precipitated no mania.

    You’re correct in assuming Lamictal is the primary therapy. Started Lithium recently, hence the small dose.

    See the part where I said “at night”? The seroquel’s for sleep. Initially I was taking a full 100mg tablet in the mornings and was utterly useless – how people are able to function on typical doses is beyond me.

    Thanks for the perfunctory layperson analysis!

  14. Bipolar I- diagnosed in 1998, hospitalized a couple of times.  
    Topamax – 150-300mg a day (depending)
    clonazepam – 1.5 mg every night to sleep
    Xanax – I have .5 tab I can take up to 3 times a day if I need to (I know that it and clonazepam are both benzos but the xanax is affects me slightly differently because I’ve been taking clonazepam for about 6 yrs now)
    I’ve taken a lot of the other ones mentioned on here – lithium, zoloft, paxil, wellbutrin, seroquel,  risperdal,  lexapro, ambien, ativan, but the topomax and clonazepam work the best out of everything, when things are relatively okay in my life.  
  15. It seems like you’re trying to start a  “hey sg how much can you bench here is how much I bench isn’t that a lot that I can bench I bet you bench way less than I bench” thread. Would you like some help?

  16. most of you are uptight and on meds because you could do with a damn hard pegging/fisting.

    i’m an internet doctor, don’t you know?

  17. I personally enjoy this “I’m more crazy than you are” mentality a lot of people seem to have. LET ME COUNT MY PILLS AND DOSAGE AND EXPLAIN MYSELF UNNECESSARILY, BUT IN A LONG-WINDED FASHION. HERE ME ROAR, I BE CRAZY.

  18. said the guy who takes a fist full of pills every day.

    No, it is not addictive. I used to smoke every day for 15 years, then quit from one day to the next. No problems at all.

    It’s habit-forming, yes. Not addictive.

  19. teeheee

    didja know, thorazine emptied mental institutions when it was invented in the 50s?

    I don’t need it, I use it to sedate me when I can’t come down properly from an amphetamine dose. Strips dat excess dopamine out toot sweet boy howdy

  20. shit, I want some thorazine.  I also think of the line Karen says on Will and Grace when she thinks Grace has lost her mind “I’m going to bring a nurse with enough thorazine to stop a charging elephant”

  21. I have a system of lies going whereby I get it from a shrink. Officially it’s to help my nonexistant ADHD but it’s just for extra energy during the day. 

  22. you are saying some stuff that i think is very relevant, like doctors getting kickbacks & placebo effects (although I’m sure even small doses of some of these drugs still have definite effects).

    nonetheless, people talking to me, or to other people, the way you are talking to this guy is part of the reason I get depressed and almost need to be on antidepressants, at times in my life, in the first place.
  23. doctors have told me to be on them all my life.  friends and family have told me to be on them.  for the most part, I’ve been resourceful and willful and open enough to other tools to not use them. (meditation, exercise, prayer – OMG! no fuckin way)  though in 97 i finally had to tell the emergency room, give me the drugs cuz I’m going to kill myself.  And I was serious. I used them for awhile. I think I needed to be humbled down enough to realize I have to rely on science sometimes too to help me.

    I still don’t trust the industry as a whole.  Anytime money can be made, there are gonna be people convincing you that you need something you don’t.
    Still, I’d rather people use meds rather than kill themselves or others.
    I hope people are like me too though, and push to not use them, or some of them, if/whenever the time is right . There’s a lot of poweful stuff out there, not just pills.  And a lot of pills have side effects. and being on a lot of psych meds can sometimes make you crazier, in the long run, with all those chemicals constantly pulling your brain this way and that – and each one having a side effect, and each one having an area you are building tollerance – and each one having an unknown area where we don’t know what it’s doing,  grrrrrll you best be putting down them pills and coming and hanging out with me for awhile where we can go talk about which person is an asshole and which person is cool. 
    mama say – mama sa – ma ma coo sa.
  24. oh fuck it….
    some people need them,
    some people don’t
    some people need them for a while
    some people will take em for life

    live and let die.
    some people are assholes
    some people are cool.

    and the beat goes on.

    some people are crazier from them
    some people are better from them

  25. 30 mg Celexa seems to help me keep my cool – I work with teenagers all day and noticed that I grew a lot more patient after I started them on my (formerly constantly-pissed off) dad’s suggestions.

    Also a little grass or else 10 mg of Ambien at bedtime makes me feel GREAT in the mornin!

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