It’s shit like this Ron,,,,

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  1. I wish Americans would stop worshipping the constitution, it doesn’t matter whats written in it if nobody cares anyway. Some of the most irreligious secular states have established churches with monarchs as heads, constitutions don’t really matter.

  2. Yeah, let’s ignore the thing that keeps the country running. Oh and civility too.

    Ont top of that, let’s just ignore all laws and live as a series of tribes and clans. Sounds like an awesome plan!


  3. You know what!  You are right…lets just call up Washington and tell them to throw the whole damn worthless thing out…

    and when they take away your rights because there is nothing to stop them, you can cry in the corner like the worthless little ignoramus you are.

    People care about the constitution.  You should care about the constitution.  There are people in office who are trying to water it down, and convince the American Public to let them chip away at it.  This should scare you, and if it doesn’t…well, then you deserve what you get if they win.

  4. I’m not American I live in a country without a proper constitution and I’m not at all better or worse off for the fact. Scraps of paper don’t give you rights it’s your willingness to defend those rights that matter.
    I’m not saying you shouldn’t have rights enshrined in law but I’m sick of the way Amercians worship it like a divine gospel and treat the founding fathers like a council of demigods. You really shouldn’t care what they intended, it was obvious that all the stuff about liberty and freedom wasn’t supposed to apply to blacks. If they came back they would probably be incredibly dissapointed that you are no longer able to buy negro children to use as sexual playthings.

  5. Not all of the founding father’s were into slavery. Mostly that was the plantation owners in the south.  Thankfully the civil war brought that to an end.  And FYI there were many warring tribes in Africa, and the tribe leaders would sell the prisoners from their enemy village to the white man and slavery.  There are a lot more complexities to it than racist founding fathers.

    I am not holding up what the founding father’s intended, but rather, wanting to protect the civil liberties that we have via the constitution.  If we didn’t have the constitution, then the government would have run riot long ago.  Unfortunately most of the people in our country are ignorant of much of the politics going on…as long as they have their i-pad and starbucks, they don’t care. So they don’t get as angry as they should about the unnecessary wars, and ridiculous bills that our politicians are trying to pass.

    There are reasonable people here in America, and we are paying attention, and if need be are ready to defend the rights of every American. 

  6.  There are still countries that sell little black children. Fortunately, with rights set out in law, it’s not something we have to deal with.

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