its hard for me to want to be alive…

the earth is flat, the idea that the earth is round is a scam created by the airplane corporations inorder to get away with wasting time travel, there is no justification, abolish all schools that don’t force flat earth theory on children, i would rather kill myself than have a teacher that actually thinks the earth is round, only the illuminati and shape shifters think that the earth is round, so that they can control everything, by taking short cuts you don’t know about.


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let me hold your hand and have you sit on my lap and have you let me talk to you about jeasus and how the world is flat.

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i hate my self,

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3 thoughts on “its hard for me to want to be alive…”

    1. I was so mystified when I stumbled across flat earth beliefs that I had to dig into it and try to understand how they came to think this way. Sadly, it’s a lot of laziness and simple-mindedness wrapped in a package of impotent paranoia that drives the whole thing. As soon as an idea is found that can disprove some misguided aspect of the ’cause’, it’s rejected in favor of the foggy allure of conspiracy. I’ve seen enough to genuinely understand what they don’t understand, but the social momentum behind it is way too strong to effectively counter it with science and math. It’s literally a system of faith, and if that isn’t the most impressive form of being wrong I’ve come across to date, I don’t know where else to look.

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