50 thoughts on “If you were a super hero or villain, what would be your power? Would you have any?”

  1. I would have the power to send stuff throughout time. I could mindlessly flick a pebble a few seconds into the future or I could shout at an oncoming meteor, sending it back 65 million years (sorry dinosaurs).

    Mostly I’d just use my powers to slap stupid people into next week.
  2. i want chozo blood so i can wield an arm cannon like samus aran that is a potato cannon but i can upgrade it to shoot mashed potatoes or french fries to fight crime or hunger

  3. I can turn criminals into porn, this would be a huge solution to prison overcrowding as I can run a supermax prison underneath my bedroom mattress

    I would punish evil by having a nasty jerk and if tugging your dingle is considered cruel and unusual punishment then fuck this place because apparently we’re maylasia now
    my secret weakness would be a jailbreak of the world’s worst criminals whenever she’d wash the bedding and flip the mattress over (I don’t currently live at home but if I was a superhero I’d have to retcon my current living status)
  4. I’d seriously be happy with Jesus’s ability of turning water into wine. At first I would only be able to make cheap wine, like the ones we buy in boxes, but it’s ok because every time I would visit a winery, I’d learn how to make their greatest grands crus.. and when I’d reach level 50, things would get even cooler because I would piss Champagne.. and then my friend, you’ll see a great swarm of drunk women doing the “pee dance” as I’d pee further and deeper into their esophagus.

  5. If you think ignorance and evil is more prevalent in the South than elsewhere I would suggest you have not yet lived in enough places.  Having lived in New England, Virginia, South Carolina, New Mexico, and Louisiana I have to say that none of these was significantly more enlightened than the others.

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