61 thoughts on “I was making a shirt design…”

  1. I’d totally wear a white t that only has small “space ghetto” logo on my left tit. Don’t want everyone to ask me what this is (It’s not how you get here.. you have to find it by yourself). Otherwise it would have to be something more unusual, not just the bold inscription.. to somehow disguise the plainness of meaning.

  2. Yeah, in any browser I look at them in* they look saturated and rich.  But when they’re saved, they look faded.  Both versions look great, I just found it to be odd that it would do such a thing.  Perhaps my computer’s just an asshole.  Here they are set as my desktop and in-browser:

    *I tested this, and it’s true for all five of my browsers except Safari, but who the fuck actually uses Safari?

    </too-long reply>

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