34 thoughts on “I wanna be on SG banners”

  1. Well, i like, and find the concept of two time banner fitting well the random thing.
    I took the size from another one and there a lot of differents size > just refresh that plus there is not the mention “Space Ghetto'” on all banners.
    So a comment more usefull than “You’re doing it wrong”, will be apreciate.

    Now i just feel like this

    Feels good ^_^
  2. oh, i get it.  you’re a mentally challenged ESL student, possibly russian or from burqa-stan or something.

    once i managed to parse your mangled sentence order’s intent, the explanation made perfect sense. 

    no, wait, actually it did just the opposite.  this is possibly the stupidest and least sensible justification for clueless, shitty work that i have ever seen put into english.

    ps: i hope the lack of capitalization bothers you

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