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  1. So very, very mediocre, though to be fair, most video game music is. 

    Good to know your musical tastes are about as interesting as your political views.

  2. Kind’a just goes on don’t it,,,,I’m sure it’s fine when you’re driving your imaginary car down the street killing random imaginary people but in real life it just kind’a sucks,,,

  3. Both Portals, both System Shocks, Thief the Dark Project (pretty much every Looking Glass game), Deus EX HR, all Fallouts (especially the first 2), Morrowind.. There soundtrack to Omikron: The Nomand Soul was written by David Bowie with Brian Eno and it’s awesome. There could be a book written about good music in games. Suzy is obviously under-educated, or not a PC gamer. I agree most of the console arcade games has some sort of shit playing in the background. Either some unknown emo bands, or shitty metalcore. But there’s a whole lotta game ost’s out there that surpass the games.

  4. No, you just proved my point, that is, while there are a handful of games with decent music, the majority suck. Even if you could give me a list of 100 or 1000 games with good music, it would pale in comparison to the overwhelming majority of games published. There is definitely good game music out there. The music for Need for Speed: Underground is not part of that club. Also, I am not a “gamer” in that I don’t self-identify as one or high-five other bros over the internet over which artificial world I choose to escape from reality with. I  play games, but I don’t try to delude myself and make it out to be more than it is. Games aren’t culture, they are a waste of time. Even the best ones.

  5. I don’t agree, they’ve become part of the culture already, whether we like it or not. Just like plays, books, films, any kind of art there is. And just as 75 percent of human culture is bullshit, so it is with games. They’re as much a waste of time and money as anything else, for instance going to London to see all the Da Vinci works collected in one place. 

  6. I suppose you are right concerning the fact that they are part of culture, whether I like it or not. I disagree with you wholeheartedly concerning the Da Vinci example though, and I find that kind of relativism to not only be sickening, but dangerous, imho.

  7. You are the one offended, and claiming my point of view is sickening or dangerous, so it’s not me what’s wrong with the world in the end. I’ll quote Stephen Fry in this case:

    It’s now very common to hear people say, “I’m rather offended by that”, as if that gives them certain rights. It’s no more than a whine. It has no meaning, it has no purpose, it has no reason to be respected as a phrase. “I’m offended by that.” Well, so fucking what?

    You can keep your opinion on some forms of culture being superior to others, but please don’t get too nazi about it.

  8. Having opinions doesn’t make me a Nazi, nor does you seemingly advocating that thinking “everything is cool” remove culpability from you. Complacency is just as dangerous as strong opinion, if not more so. I am quite the pluralist myself, but your kind of  “you have an opinion, therefore you are a Nazi” is itself an opinion, so it kind of fails on that front. You saying that everything is gravy at me and telling me to cool down on my opinions, is you being offended, especially if you are worried about me “getting too Nazi” (unless you are cool with Nazis as well). Just because I am a pluralist, doesn’t mean I think value judgments have no place in our world, nor do I think making value judgments makes me a Nazi (whatever you are implying with that, I am curious: opinions lead to people killing one another, only Nazis think that we are capable of rationally assessing the value of certain things over others?). Your kind of incredibly soft relativism is still an opinion, which can be advocated for, through action or non-action. Your comfortableness with your hard and fast distinctions between my Nazi opinions on culture and your legitimate ones bespeak your inability to consider the possibility of other view-points in the truest sense, which would seem to be at the center of your position. Great Stephen Fry quote, kind of a great catch-all, when you don’t care to address the substance of a statement and just write it off as bullshit. I am not, nor would I ever be part of some cultural gestapo, as my opinions compel me to disagree with the idea of censorship, regardless of how I feel about a work or form of art. I am not whining, nor am I asking for rights. I am not asking you to change your mind, I am only telling what I think is wrong with a position you seem to be proud of advocating, a position you seem to think, makes you a better person, which I in no way implied my position makes me. Kind of surprised it was such a short time until the Nazis were mentioned. Hope this hasn’t come off as rude, as I don’t like being rude on the internet. Sorry if my previous post came off as rude. I am sure you are a decent guy, as I have enjoyed previous posts and comments from you.

    You can keep your opinion on all forms of culture being equal, but please don’t get too Harrison Bergeron about it.
  9. I’d rather stay Kurt Vonnegut Jr about it, thank you (Gotta start reading the originals, not the Polish translations). Well look sir, you had your issues with me first; I ain’t got issues with you unless you start finding me dangerous, and I haven’t even started being dangerous yet.

    What’s dangerous about pop culture? That it keeps insane people home? What’s so dangerous about culture being shitty, it’s been shitty since humans created it. Nothing dangerous about silly kid Rebecca Black song, other than corporate greed of people who made her sing her song that everybody hates and mocks. They’re not getting too much money now, after they have been assessed by the world and will most likely land in history’s dumpster (unlike Da Vinci paintings, mind you). 
    But they’re not dangerous, they’re absolutely fucking harmless. They’re not even sickening me as much as the mafia called roman catholic church, who happen to own a lot of cultural shrines (maybe not as much as they have burned down) of great historical value, and that doesn’t diminish the dangers of their existence one bit. I’m simply saying it’s all relative. And that I’d rather be considered culturally dangerous by some, than completely harmless, because nowadays, when it is easy to offend just anyone with words, that means I bring a certain message.
  10. I reckon we agree to disagree. I suppose I could have chosen a better word than offensive, considering I don’t think relativists are noxious in the same way racists or sexists are. Oh well. You are also setting up a false dichotomy with the old harmless/dangerous thing there. These are some serious first world dilemmas we are tackling, aren’t we? 

    Replace like with think..

  11. I didn’t say I like all culture, quite the opposite. I’m very selective in fact when I compare myself to people, I just don’t hate most of it, recognizing it as “harmless” to my aspirations and to the people I care about. There’s a whole lotta really wrong stuff happening in the world to be wasting hatred on bullshit culture; history will sort it all out anyway. I’ve become less hateful and am more concerned about things that do actual harm.
    Thank you for this discussion, it’s a pleasure.

  12. While I do not think history will sort it all out, I do agree there are better things to do than spend your time hating, which hopefully I have not come off as spending most of my time doing. I like to think I am not too much of a negative nancy 🙂 I think this might set a record for one of the most civil discussions of two conflicting viewpoints I have seen in recent memory, haha.

  13. That’s an opinion, man. I like this one about them: “Opinions are like assholes, everyone’s got them and they all stink“.
    Oh, btw, I remember it from a computer game called Fallout 2. See, games ain’t completely useless

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