22 thoughts on “I Don’t know you, but hate you”

  1. 1. he sister rapes her….every day…but she denys it
    2.I failed my suicide attempt so I might as well fail my selfhelp course.
    3.I step on the scale 3 times a day… and I’m disgusted with myself…. because I’ll never be fat enough to be posted on spaceghetto.
    4. I write to my grandma every day….. she died in april….. it was april fools day…..
    5. I write poetry…. It sucks…. I never show anyone…..
    6. I’m searching for something…. so I browse chatroulette all day for a decent cock….

  2. these people would quickly learn to appreciate what they have rather than complain about their petty lives and problems if they lived in poverty such as Afghanistan or Cambodia for a day.

  3. What the hell is with all the videos of emo kids celebrating self doubt and insecurity? 

    Protip:  If you are a doormat, everyone will step on you and use you to wipe the mud off their boots. Don’t be a doormat.  Pick yourself up, respect yourself, and start demanding respect from others. 

  4. She does need real friends. They take time to establish and come scarce, but once they’re found, the’re irreplaceable. Just like grandma, who died in April. Maybe in a few years from this vlog she’ll know who they are. And I don’t understand, why hate her? Does she do any harm to anyone but herself? “I don’t know you, but I hate you”. Well, why the fuck? Is she a nazi who wants to kill your whole family? No. Just an emo, probably a sexually harassed one. What the fuck’s peoples hate for, this time, eh

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