Homonid Was my Secret Satan!

Woohoo! What’s in the box?20160113 175153

Bubble wrap! My favorite.20160113 175227

Awesome card and postcard from Poland!20160113 175251

Peddling their ass on the street…20160113 175708

The whole haul! The pics in the book will be a future post.20160113 175648 resized

Traditional painted wooden easter egg. The writing on the postcard was smudged (Homonid may be a southpaw) so I can’t figure out what the OWS or WOS with the wreath and the two Ak-47’s badge is. I know it is made by the official Polish mint and Homonid said it was old and possibly communist. Any info would help. 20160113 175658 resized
Once again Space Ghetto Secret Satan impressed the hell out of me and I got some cool shit. I have to admit I like to watch cunt666 cuss when the late comers keep trying to sign up. Can’t wait to see my first Polish movie! Thanks again Homonid!

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One thought on “Homonid Was my Secret Satan!”

  1. I’m glad You like it. I’m not southpaw, but I’ve used traditional pen and probably ink wasn’t dry…

    WOS badge – Wojskowa Odznaka Strzelecka – Military Shooter Badge – there’s also silver and gold one – depends on how good the soldier pass shooting exam. Actually I’m not sure how old is it.


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