31 thoughts on “high-tech lowlife anti-hero”

  1. This is magnificence of the highest caliber! Your posts are not JUST posts, but brilliant pieces of fine art that cannot be overlooked.

    GUWD WIRK MS.C!! 😀

  2. 98, also. Another interesting thing is that the “loading bar” at the bottom of the start screen was animated by switching certain nuances of blue between themselves. Those nuances only appeared there. There were quite a few exploits of this, my favorite being one of a game of pong, with balls, paddle and everything. I can’t find it anymore, though.

  3. I have a friend who’s like a bizarro Nick Cave twin. Much younger of course, but same type of face, tall, slim… only he has blonde hair that’s a bit more curly. But when he had it grown out, it was like you were hanging out with his Aryan cousin.

  4. These are my lighters…

    No lie, I’ve been collecting them for years. I’ve been coming here for years too, but I just had to create an account when I saw this…

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