Hi! I want to suggest a massive exchange of postcards!! Who wants to join?

I know there are sgtoers from many different countries, so… 

Why don’t we exchange postcards between us? Could be very nice 🙂

I know there are sgtoers from many different countries, so… 

Why don’t we exchange postcards between us? Could be very nice 🙂

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207 thoughts on “Hi! I want to suggest a massive exchange of postcards!! Who wants to join?”

  1. Pre-Internet communications? Hmm, I want to participate in that act of spontaneous “greater good” phenomenon. And next will be global SG pigeongramm sharing fest, I presume?

  2. This sounds like fun! I would like to participate! Anyone who’d like to do an exchange can PM me and we’ll get this address business sorted out.

    …and I know that I still owe you a photo for your calendar, Dice. I’ll get that to you very soon and hopefully I’m not too late.

  3. I love postcards. When I go on vacation I always send out the tackiest, stupidest postcards but it’s getting harder and harder to find ANY postcards. The internet killed the postcard as well as the postal service. Still, I’m in.

  4. I think the only safe way to do this would be to put the addresses in the care of the mods. SG’ers would send the post cards to SG, who in turn would forward the post cards to the intended receiver… 

  5. I once used a commercial P.O. address,  but I used it so rarely that I just let it go.  I guess that being threatened is still too fresh in my mind to trust anyone here, especially since I KNOW that he has real life friends here, and that he himself  is probably already back under a different name.  

  6. I’ll just make a JPG card, post it publicly, and wish all my friends here a happy holiday season and hope they return in kind.  I hope that will suffice. 

  7. I’d suffice with nothing. The comments of the said user are pretty much useless with the concept of the post. Which makes me question why the the words are constantly popping up on a sticky post. OHHHHHHH… I KNOW NOW!

  8. Yeah he never really cared about you enough to pull something like that, and you know it(in fact there was no actual threat). Too bad the whole exchange got swept under the carpet, eh ole TM?

    Oh and I meant to say before… hilariously pathetic attempt at trying to find out TCW identity, passing it off as a picture of  your “sister’s new boyfriend” shirt. A few people had a good laugh over that. So thanks again for all the lols.

  9. You are the really pitiful one…. It was obviously intended show that I was still gonna pursue the real identity of The downcast Pussy as insurance in case I am further threatened by his personal friends here. Who didn’t know that sleazy cowardly crybaby fuck had personal friends here?  But I’m now finished with all that. I now know all I need to know, so you can let him know that too. You think I’m as stupid as the fucking wookie?  Really? Then why am I still here and he’s off somewhere licking his little schweaty balls?  And his good friends here are turning out to be just as stupid as he was.  You’ll see.  Now go suck his little droopy dick somewhere else, crybaby.  Or better yet, why don’t YOU threaten me (or anybody else here) too?  Trying to take this to the next level?  Pack a tasty fucking lunch.  I’ll be eating it.  

  10. I guess the pacifier that Skeez placed firmly in his mouth has apparently fallen out… and as the majority of us know, TM’s mouth is too big for his thumb.

  11. I never bring it up.  I only respond to the crybabies like you that do. Rest assured that I will continue to do just that. Insult me, and get insulted back even more effectively by someone more experienced, better, and smarter than you?  What have you to lose you whiny child? Only your iddy biddy widdle tempuh.



  12. Hahahah…… and that somehow hurt your widdle feewings?  What a fucking child.  That statement alone was not insulting or mean to anyone, even the Wookie. Anyone who didn’t know the back-story wouldn’t even understand, and if you knew the back-story, then you understand completely.  We both know why he’s gone. He was threatening. You can’t threaten some people without repercussions. Best to threaten no one. Get over it.  Two words for you. “Shut the fuck up”.

  13. It’s a Robert De Niro quote you ignorant fuckstick. You really are just as stupid as your friend aren’t you?  Do you even see how you made yourself look stupid, or do you need me to explain? 

  14. Okay. I would really like it if you would stop attacking my friends, man. While I realise you thrive on this sort of bullshittery, but seriously. This crap really pisses me off when you even begin to start making it personal. Stick to what you do best, making political and anti-islamic posts that I can scroll past, and everyone will return to getting along just fine. That would be greatly appreciated. This is SG not fucking high school. 

    This was a post started by the very lovely Diceopolis in the name of community and fun times. Don’t muddy the waters with your bullshit here. 

    Thanks, ever so. 
  15. Nope. Why not try telling them to quit fucking with someone they can’t beat. Then their pain will end.  Your “friends” are the aggressive ones here, not me.  They (and you) are the ones who are fresh out of high school. I threaten no one, and I defend no one who threatens others. I will insult to the best of my ability those that do until they stop. They need to shut the fuck up and quit fucking with me.  They only get their feelings hurt.   And as for your sarcastic little “thanks ever so” closing immediately after accusing me of muddying the waters with my bullshit?  Fuck you too.  Grow up and get over it.  I have no beef with you at this point. Please don’t change that. I’d rather like you than not.

    “In the name of community and fun times” why not stop defending those who would threaten others (and their supporters) instead of attacking those who would put a stop to it?  How’s that for a fucking idea?  

    Thank you.

  16. Hey moron he was saying you brought it up. I know, words are confusing beasts dear TM, but do try and keep up. Besides I know the whole story, more than you do apparently, and you do not come out anywhere near the top.

  17. Wow and you call my responses incoherent. None of his personal friends threatened you, you sordid wimp. I’m not passing along your ambiguous little threat, because I’m not his peon and you are definitely no threat.

    Also to clarify one thing; he was initially temporarily banned for your party trick yes, but decided he would rather be perma banned for reasons I don’t care to get into. But I can assure you, although you were the catalyst, you can take off your little victor’s crown, because you were not the reason he left indefinitely.

    Oh and you’re really gonna try and pass off your sad little “Not one of you can play Internets any harder than I can from right here in my comfy little bed.” stint for show are you? Wow… you truly are one pathetic, rotting piece of  work. You weren’t trying to put on a “show” for anyone, because you were asked to drop it otherwise you’d be banned too. Why, WHY would you spend your few remaining days doing something so frivolous and petty?

    Apologies to diceopolis for bringing this tripe to your post. He started whining about make believe pity shit that he instigated, and I couldn’t let the worm slide away without throwing some salt on that fucker. Love you dice <3, I would gladly do a postcard exchange with your fine self.

  18. I knew exactly what he was saying. Fuck you and your little gang. Occupy somewhere else you spoiled brats.  Quit crying and whining about your asshole friend. It’s over. He’s gone. He lost his temper attempting in vain to insult and anger me and went crazy. You are headed down that same road.  I know you loved him dearly, I know you wanted his little wookie weenie deep in your little chocolate donut.  I’m sorry, but I guess you’ll have to find a different dildo.

  19. wow… Uh…

    Its a hobby
    This is in no way suggesting that the people TM is responding to are assholes, quite the opposite. I am weighing in late here, I actually avoided this post till I did a little reading. I truly hope this is just hobby baiting, but it is sad, cause I like all the people here.

  20. Et tu Ghoule?  LOL.  Yes, that was my response.  Yep.  Sure was.  Did you read what I was responding to or are you simply taking it as a stand alone statement?  Just curious.  I have also said before that I will lie to liars….. just in case you are wondering.  And if you care to join the others as it appears, I don’t mind.  It’s nice to have friends, but it’s even better to know the truth about people.  You may like everybody here, and I really like most too, but I don’t like anybody anywhere who threatens others and I don’t like those who would defend them, period.  Fuck man, this Peyton Place HS bullshit is tedious.  Especially when responding to several antagonistic parties (a gang) at once. I’m gonna take a break from all this crybaby shit for a while and go out to enjoy some holiday traffic.  It’s gotta be better than all this whining….  Merry Christmas everyone! 

  21. Ouch… I am a friend of the ‘Ghetto. That includes you. It also includes some of these others here. I don’t know all the details of all the drama and I don’t care to. It may be the vernacular of the ghetto to speak the truth with a club, but instead of trying to persuade you are being a big  meanie. As are some  *of the poeple  to you. My comment was a honest inquiry, perhaps this is just a troll. And you got me, cause I like the people who don’t like you. * and are attacking you. You are handling it how you do. It’s just a little harsh. 

    I will continue to comment on posts that intrest me. 
  22. I normally try to respond to kindness with kindness, and insults with insults.  And yea, I truly do attempt to meet insults with even greater insults.  By the same token, I was recently asked nicely to stop the Islamic hatred campaign and I said I would. I attempted to comply because I was nicely asked.  I had pretty much stopped. I was trying to concentrate on banners and to stay out of the controversial areas at least for a while. But after today’s posts I have decided to begin again insulting those ideas and ideals that I dislike. I will not be bullied, especially by those who profess to be “tolerant” liberals.  Thinking I might be able to establish discourse with any members here after being threatened by one angry little piss-ant has been  an enlightening experience. His friends are clearly out for revenge.  Fine.  It’s so much easier for me to plainly and clearly just say “fuck you”, especially when that is exactly what I perceive is being said to me, but with an overabundance of keystrokes. I recommend that anyone not willing to take the heat, refrain from giving me any. I don’t have any desire to like everybody, or to be liked by everybody.  That requires too much intellectual dishonesty and only serves to cheapens the sentiment.  At least it does for me anyway.  The rest of you, enjoy your little love fest.  Start a fucking asslicking daisy chain, I don’t care.  BTW, I had a wonderful time out shopping.  Traffic was actually minimal, gasoline has come way down in price, people were pleasant, and not one Muslim exploded.  But the day is young.

  23. Jesus Fuck Man,,,,you brought it up 3 fucking times in a post that should have had nothing to do with anything like that,,,’I would have but that Wookie dude and dont’cha know,” ,,,it’s obviously the most interesting thing that has ever fucking happened to you,,,,your endless asshattery is really starting to ruin this place.

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