Hey Ghetto, where do you stand on this issue and why

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39 thoughts on “Hey Ghetto, where do you stand on this issue and why”

  1. Under looks better but I’ve never really cared one way or the either. I don’t even really pay attention when I’m putting the roll on, if i even bother to put it on. Usually the roll just sits on the counter next to the toilet.

  2. Over. I’m currently having a war with some son-of-a-bitch at work who keeps switching it back to under. The problem I have with that is the dispenser doesn’t roll very well and the cheap paper tears before you want it to, which is fucking infuriating. When I find out who he is I’ll be wiping my ass with his mousepad.

  3. Yeah, I follow up with baby wipes. (I like my bum fresh.) I imagine baby wipes may be a little cheaper than freshmates. They look about the same. 

    Also, baby wipes work just as well at getting the toothpaste off my asshole. 😀

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