Happy Fathers Day from PaPa Nigamajiga

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6 thoughts on “Happy Fathers Day from PaPa Nigamajiga”

  1. Just for grins I went back to the links roy helpfully supplied. It made me realize something: we don’t give enough credit to the man. This is a man who stepped up in the midst of ugliness and chaos and acrimony from all sides. He didn’t have to step up, but in a way he acted like a stepdad in the middle of an ugly split. He’s already here and could easily walk away. But he didn’t, so he did and continues to do what he can to make sure we have a roof over our heads and enjoy ourselves. He doesn’t do it for money, or pride, or spite. He does it because he’s the right thing to do. And roy has reminded me that we need not lose sight of that.


    Thank you for everything you do here at Space Ghetto, Jerry. Happy belated Ghetto Baby Daddy Day.

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