22 thoughts on “Ghetto would”

  1. What’s confusing? She has various body parts upon which to apply various of your body parts for the purpose of mutual stimulation with the ultimate goal of orgasm. Preferably, multiple orgasms. Possibly knock ‘er up, too, if that’s a thing. I know I would certainly try my damndest.

    But again, I am the male slut of the ‘Ghetto, so I may not be sufficiently discerning.

  2. She’s definitely attractive but her proportions seem almost like an optical illusion.  She doesn’t look like a little person to me, at least not lying down…

  3. Knew these 2 sisters growing up and one night we’re all getting high and Debbie just blurts out “If I was 2 inches shorter I would officially be a dwarf” and we all hit the floor laughing cuz you know, we’re like high and then after a bit she says “I’m totally serious” and the laughing begins all over again. This girl may be in that boat, not officially a little person but damn close,,,,

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