19 thoughts on “Get em”

  1. It’s pretty nifty, but nothing groundbreaking. S&P has had them at a negative BB rating since 2009.
    The funny thing is, the obvious response to this kind of information (as the intro implies) is to take a short position. The funny thing is, that’s the exact strategy for which everyone is hating on the guy in the video.
    While it’s impolitic to say that you’re dreaming of a recession, people need to realize that this guy is the cure for a bad economy. It’s his type who, in a market free from government distortion, hedge against bubbles and keep them from ruining the market. This guy keeps the market honest.
    While he may profit from a downturn, he’s not creating the downturn. His market strategies (as a whole) soften the risk of this kind of recession.

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