fuck you and everything you stand for.

I wasn’t high while i made this post which is why its so fucked up.

lol at the idiots who think police have a right to arrest people for cannabis and then continue to be alive, look at all the orphans, cops create orphans either due to theft and kidnapping or to killing their parent. you can’t target and torture cancer patients,  my life is a living hell because of the police and my disabilities, every second of my life is with pain and fear, i have two chronic illnesses i can’t live without weed, i can’t afford to move to a state that is legal because i am disabled and my family wont help me, I have no freedom.

(prohibition is police brutality, so is police brutality, both are prevalent)

illegal choke holds are somehow legal?

an example of what can happen if cops don’t kill you below

nude by debbigreen

Birthday by glassaple

weed by faaded420

and an example of a past victims of police brutality.

Anne Frank Collage by HellGirlTsubasaFan

Remember when there was an actual anti war movement in the bush administration but obomba brainwashed everyone to not care enough to prevent a much needed insurrection, and then now we have complete fascism and most people who care have no ability to do anything about while there are other people who are completely brainwashed and pretend like their wrong opinions based on subjective excuses, and fraud, and lies purported by criminals, are equal to authentic opinions based on  objective reality and morality, All we have is fascism. And when you live in a fascist country thats it you die. there is nothing else. Happiness is either an illusion or a crime. Love is weak due to this culture, and the family is weak due to the economy. Death to capitalist fascist imperialism. Death to unconstitutional neocolonialism…. Just saying.

(P.s) fuck all you racist trump supporters, fuck all you genocidists who eat gmos and monstanto food. fuck all you americans who think its ok to be an american and vote for the two party system, you are all fraud, and are ruining everything. you are shit and i have no respect for americans because of basic philosophical elements, basic awareness has caused me to renounce my u.s. citizenship, I would rather commit suicide than be american.

Imperialism Demotivator by Party9999999

Imperialism by Latuff2

They make me sick by ZoZoYah

A world built on fantasy. Synthetic emotions in the form of pills.

Psychological warfare in the form of advertising. Mind-altering chemicals in the form of… food! Brainwashing seminars in the form of media. 


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