A friend of a friend shot, in the head.

He was apparently tripping on shrooms, and wondered into this woman’s house at random. I understand the woman being frightened but I doubt the situation called for lethal force. It’s weird looking at the comments, on the news page. 

People don’t think about how this guy might have had a family or was under age or anything like that. The news is a very powerfull thing.

He was apparently tripping on shrooms, and wondered into this woman’s house at random. I understand the woman being frightened but I doubt the situation called for lethal force. It’s weird looking at the comments, on the news page. 

People don’t think about how this guy might have had a family or was under age or anything like that. The news is a very powerfull thing.
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128 thoughts on “A friend of a friend shot, in the head.”

  1. Who gives a fuck what OP thinks? You were not there, it was not your home, your bones are probably not as brittle as matchsticks.

    Take drugs, your choice. Doing it responsiblity is your burden. But forcing an innocent women to assume that someone who comes into her home uninvited and refuses to leave is harmless, this is the worst kind of stupid, blind prolapse-mouthed moralfaggotry.

  2. Fuck all of you pieces of shit who said he got what he deserved. He was a good friend of mine and wouldn’t hurt anyone. He was just scared, he was looking for his friends. The cancerous bitch wasn’t defending herself, she just thought she was.

  3. Use this as a lesson. Don’t get fucked up and wander into people’s houses. Also if this happens to someone you genuinely care about don’t try to squeeze sympathy out of the forum that posts gore.

  4. was the old bag supposed to ask a stranger in his super hero’s, hey are you by any chance tripping on schrooms? ’cause if you are, you have a free pass. sounds like somebody done fucked up.

  5. I’m sorry for the loss of your friend. However, anyone under the influence of psychedelics should have someone watching them to prevent things like this from happening. Do you know the circumstances as to why he wandered away by himself?

  6. She could have, i dunno, NOT SHOT THE DUDE IN HIS FUCKING HEAD, you know. Why do people act like resorting to deadly force is in any way the right course of action? Jeez.

  7. Sad to see some people can afford a gun but not a phone to call the police…
    The guy was unarmed, maybe you should think before giving gun to everyone.
    Since when killing an unarmed guy is brave ?????
    One more dead for nothing.
    NRA keep smiling.

  8. He was with two his friends who were also tripping, he ate a full 1/8 whereas they split one. He was just going into a bad trip and took off, got lost and wandered into her house, looking for directions or just some kind of help, he was looking for his mom before he left. That’s not the mindset of someone trying to harm someone. He was just a little kid lost, basically

  9. the bitch propably shoot even before saying anything… when you have a gun you don’t use your brain.
    Only cunty cunt cunt will rape a 63 years old fat bitch, and he’ll not come on underwear !

  10. Yes, the problem in this story is that a 63 years old, not event able to lock a door, has a gun and directly shoot a guy in the head.
    She obviously didn’t want the guy to leave but the guy to be dead.

    The sad part is that some peoples think it’s sweet and brave… 

  11. Where the fuck did you come up with that? Jesus you’re fucking stupid. Yeah he made a mistake but he didn’t deserve to be shot over it. And go fornicate a lightsocket, rid the world of one more bigoted waste of life who can’t show a modicum of respect

  12. ^ Shooting him on the foot would have sufficed, or the arm. Stupid him for doing the drugs, but shame on her for firing to kill rather than maim.

  13. Ok so you ARE deficient. And I quote: “and in the woman’s
    defense that is not the nicest of neighborhoods. My grandmother lives
    not too far from there and has had her house broken into 3 or 4 times” –
    Styrofoam Boots

    MEANING your judgment of her not being able to lock a door is fucking idiotic. Tons of people can’t afford to move from shitty locations so they just try to increase security over time. You’re being a bitch. Maybe she meant to aim elsewhere and was shaking so ended up shooting the boy in the head. You don’t know, you weren’t there, both were put in a shitty situation. So STFU.

  14. Yep. It sucks. I’ve always thought if I had to shoot someone, I would rather get the leg or knee to disable, but it would be like signing the end of my own life.

  15. I guess people don’t die from stabbings and beatings in your country? I enjoy my right to own a gun. It’s not any amount of lobbying that makes me purchase them. I only speak enough spanish to order food and drink when I visit Mexico. I was not going to make fun of your slightly poor English if it was not your first language, but you have an anti gun mentality that I do not understand.

  16. Good point except I DIDNT CREATE THE POST. I just wanted to show some respect for my friend in a thread that didn’t have any. I know spaceghetto doesn’t exactly have the best examples of empathetic people as its users, but I didn’t expect this thread to be nothing but a bunch of haters and gun rights advocates.

  17. You need a babysitter when you’re tripping, it’s stupid to trip alone and he could have met his fate trying to kiss a moving bus or some other stupid thing. You can’t completely fault the women for shooting him, maybe she didnt need to shoot him twice in the head but we weren’t there. What a stupid way to go.

  18. huhu thanks for my english.
    Ok it’s probably not the amount of lobbying but the lack of something… **wondering**…

    I think this case is very explicit why i am anti gun…

    did your law ever condemned to death anyone for robbing ? especially a robber who, at least, steal an underwear ? – never – 
    The right to own a gun should not made this women upper the law… 

  19. Just how retarded are you?

    How do you not realize that you weren’t there, and that a nearly naked person in your house that doesn’t respond to what you tell them could be really fucking dangerous? Would it be better to stop and get raped, or shoot a trespasser? How do you not get that calling the police, who would obviously take a while to respond, isn’t the best thing for your own safety? HOW ARE YOU THIS STUPID?
  20. No, but the old woman did not know what the intruder’s intentions were. He could have been there to kill, rob, or rape her. He was too high on drugs to leave the house when she ordered him to, and so she defended her house and life with lethal force. What would you do if a stranger came into your house, didn’t leave when asked, and then lunged at you as if he was going to attack you?

  21. Oh shit, well I guess if a forgetful older woman forgets to lock a door she deserves to have someone intrude on her home.

    And although everyone knows that shooting center mass is the best way to stop someone you’re threatened by, this forgetful old lady should definitely use her extensive range training to take out the suspects knees, probably in the dark. And she really should’ve compensated for recoil. POOR DUDE.
  22. Handle one weapon. Read one study on the effects of small firearms on extremities. Then extrapolate for the fear of an old woman on her own, her refused order for him to stop and her skill with a weapon. Then understand that he was IN HER HOME AT 1AM IN HIS UNDERWEAR.

  23. And I was wrong. This story aside, if someone wants to get into your house in a shitty neighbourhood, they will. A locked door is not the worst obstacle for an eager person. But exactly what Gnish said. You’re still being a bitch, though.

  24. Whatever, I don’t care much about the stupid guy or the dumb old woman who shot him. 
    That woman talking about how sweet and brave her neighbor is I do not like.  She’s human garbage and deserves every bit of pain and suffering she’ll ever feel.

  25. I don’t believe for a second that this asshole was lost and looking for directions to his mommy’s house.  He was high and looking for either:  A) money to buy more drugs or B) any pussy he could get anyway he could get it.

    Prove me wrong.    You can’t and that’s why he’s dead; nobodies fault but his.


    Repeat after me:  “It was his own fault, he fucked up big time and got himself dead”

  26. Because when people ar tripping all they ever do is look for money or pussy. How fucktarded are you? You have no idea what the fuck you are talking about, in any context of your post. No one likes you on this website, and I’m sure the same applies IRL. You come to make fun of other’s dead friends because you have none of your own. Who’s gonna defend you if you die from some reason equally as stupid? Go sit in the corner.

  27. Your belief that the mistake of being on drugs and entering someone’s house illegally is not a good enough reason to be shot is not as widely held as you believe.  

  28. Well that’s the thing; If I die this stupidly and entirely of my own fault, I hope none of my friends are as dumb as you and come to, of all places, Space Ghetto to defend me.  

    Edit:  right, you didn’t make the main post, but trying to defend an idiot on SG is still a fool’s errand.  
  29. Your good friend was an idiot who was wasting our oxygen by being so stupid.  The world is a better place without him and you need to find a better way of dealing with your grief than trying to tell the world he wasn’t a worthless, stupid, piece of shit.  Take a deep breath, put yourself in the old lady’s shoes, and think about this logically instead of the crying bitch “He wuz my special fwiend!” mindset you’re thinking about it in now.

    There, now you understand why he was a stupid asshole.  Don’t be sad that he died, don’t be angry at the old lady defending her home from a fucked up intruder, be mad that your friend was too stupid to do mind altering substances but chose to do them anyway.

  30. You have to make some stupid (or at least ill-advised) decisions in order to get into that situation, but it’s a shame the price of his mistakes was his life.

    Remember, there’s a whole dangerous world all around you, if you’re going to take drugs that can alter your judgement and perceptions – take some damn safety precautions.

  31. You are a defeatist pussy. Perhaps the old woman forgot to lock the door, but that is besides the point. leaving your door open does not mean strange assholes can just walk right in and do what they please. And people who want to control their own safety keep handguns in the house. If he would have been an old lady rapist and she didn’t have a gun, she would be dead before the cops got there, even if she did have time to get to the phone.

  32. Yes, all guns are bad and defending yourself in your own home against an intruder is horrible.  Do you even think before you open your mouth?  It doesn’t matter if the door is locked or not.  You do not have the right to walk in, fucked up or not, to somebody else’s home.  I don’t own a gun, but I plan on buying one soon.  You can damn well believe if I’m at home, in the middle of the night, and I come downstairs after hearing a sound and find a non-responsive, fucked up, naked man in my house, I’m going to plug the fuck out of him when he makes a move towards me.  Currently, I’d just beat him senseless with the junior sized aluminum baseball bat I keep for defense.

    This doesn’t make me an asshole.  This makes me a practical human being who believes in defending himself and his property. 

  33. Rules for Tripping:

    1: All cars are real.
    2: If you think you can fly, take off from the ground.
    3: Safety Third!
    4: If you think you’re naked you probably are.

    and new for today:

    5: Respond politely and quickly to anyone pointing a gun at you.

  34. Waaa waaa WAAAA!  You are a total fuckstick, dipped in stupid.  I’m guessing your friend was your friend because he was just as stupid as you. The planet is now better off. 

  35. Yep, when seconds count the police are just minutes away, you piece of rectal candy. Better to say, someone could afford drugs, but not a cellphone to call a friend to monitor the trip. But no, that would be asking the 420 crowd to be just a teensy less self absorbed.  You fail.

  36. Don’t be an idiot I didn’t come here to be liked, I came here for the pictures of tits and pussy.

    And for the record I didn’t make fun of your pretend friend, I just pointed out that this asshole got what he was asking for.


    BTW:  Nice Troll

  37. It does make you an asshole, because locking your door is cheaper, safer, and more effective.  Those benefits are just for you, that you don’t get to murder an idiot or someone robbing your house is beside the point.

  38. Leaving your door unlocked actually does mean anyone walk in. 
    Old lady rapists are rare compared to people robbing your house, this time it was even just an idiot, and all of these potential home invaders can be effectively dealt with by actions that are less drastic than shooting them in the head. 

  39. I would have freaked the fuck out and ordered my dogs to eat his fucking face. Strangers coming into my house in the middle of the night when I live alone is pretty much my most crippling fear on the planet. I can’t even begin to imagine how scared she was, no matter how he was dressed. 

  40. I hope you get gangraped to death by drugged up hippies who walk in through your front door.  While you offer them iced tea and cookies, they’ll be skullfucking your eyes.

  41. Personally I think I would prefer a lawsuit to a possible manslaughter/murder charge. Self defense can be a difficult case to build depending on the state. No to me, taking a life is not worth any amount of money. Besides I think we’ve all fucked up at some point I don’t think we were all born knowing that mixing amphetamines with weed and beer is a bad idea, but we find out either someone tells us or we fuck up ourselves and learn, unfortunately this kid didn’t get the privilege.

    and before you ask, no I didn’t think I’d find sympathy here, and honestly I never met the guy. I was hoping that some people would recognize how this is one of those grey areas. Personally (this is just my opinion guys) I pity the guy, like the dog who got shot when the cops stormed the house, he might not have known any better.
  42. Great, buy one and kill yourself, thanks.
    You so cute defending yourself with all those cute weapons… one day you’ll learn to use your brain, hoppefully to paint your wall.

  43. ha, BURN! :/
    he could do it by getting fucked off a slight amount of shrooms and break into an old lady’s house in the small hours of the morning.


  44. Something like leave by the front door, ring at my neighbours and call the police… not sure the police will not kill the guy btw… 
    Its ok if the guy steal another underwear… i saw some around 2$ at tjmaxx.

  45. Who are you to deceide that a lost guy deserve to die just cause he cant explain what he is doing ? are you gonna kill all the retarded people and all the deaf ? cause they cant answer you and obey to you ? Try to be a little bit human.

  46. When I was 15 I got 4 hits of liquid acid poured in my beer. After deciding that the house was on fire from being able to perceive sounds with my eyes(kind of like the heat lines coming off roads or gasoline), I quickly stripped off my clothes and ran out into the night. I can’t remember much of it, but I did end up walking into someone’s house to get out of the rain and I remember hearing someone and running out the back door and hiding in their bushes.

    I can’t really talk shit about him, all I can do is thank my lucky stars that my story didn’t have the same ending.

    I was lucky and somehow my older brother found me walking down a country road 4 miles away from the house where the party was, his friends called him after I made the scene in the house, and once they found all my clothes strewn about out front.

    It’s a really sad story, and all of it sucks. I’m sorry Pon Dablo for your loss.

  47. When are you supposed to die? It’s gotta be coming up, and when it does, how many people are going mourn for you? A lot less than my friend, that’s for sure. You’re less important than the people you hate. Get it over with already.

  48. have you ever lost a friend? If not then you have no point of reference and need to shut the fuck up. If so then you know exactly how we’re feeling, and shouldn’t be such a dickhole about it. Just about every post i see you make advocates drug use, yet this one time you say it’s wrong? Shut the fuck up dude, It was a freak accident, neither one of them were in the right or wrong, but I’m sure you’ve tripped before and have in that mindset, and when you get any anxiety, it gets exacerbated by the trip and he just freaked out. He wasn’t a stupid asshole by any measure, and it’s horrible that you could say that. That and telling us not to be sad for his death. Lose a friend, and try not to be sad. Either way, I wanted to tell you to get hate-fucked by a 12″ dick with AIDS.

  49. Which is exactly why you make so many shitty posts and comments. Your fucking disgusting IRL and crave any attention you can get, even if it means talking shit about someone I don’t know because everyone else is. He was asking for directions home, not a bullet in the face. And it sounds like you could use one right about now.

  50. You seem fixated with the idea that I am sick and/or dying… or maybe it’s just wishful thinking on your part.  Anyway, I’m fine.  And I’m pretty sure that I’ll outlive your stupid fucking ass. But thanks for your concern. Oh, yeah, and tell your momma I said hi, you little fag.


    now that I’ve officially made this post worthy of a Yahoo! News article comment thread, my serious condolences about your friend who died in some bad circumstances, chin up 

  52. Drug use is not wrong.  Dumb actions while on drugs is extremely wrong.  Stories like this are why we have a drug war.  “OMG!  See, people DIE while they use drugs!  Make them illegal!”  Your friend helped contribute to this.  It’s as bad as some asshole jumping off the roof of a building while on LSD because he thinks he can fly.  To quote Bill Hick’s “What a dick!  If he thought he could fly, why didn’t he take off from the ground?”

    Do smart things, especially while on drugs, so the haters of the world won’t come down on us responsible drug users harder.  Also, yes, your friend was an idiot and the world is a better place without him.  Yes, I’m an asshole, but I’m an honest and truthful asshole.

  53. Let’s boil this down to the basics.

    If I leave a ten C-notes in the middle of the street, those C-notes are mine.  Anyone that picks those C-notes up is a thief for taking something that isn’t theirs.

    If they walk on to my property to pick them up they are intruding and stealing.

    My foolishness does not make you less of a criminal.

    This guy crossed that line and payed a horrible price, but in the end it was his choice (intoxicated or not) to cross that line.  When you cross that line reality may decide to take it’s pound of flesh in payment, don’t blame Charon.

  54. “If I leave a ten C-notes in the middle of the street, those C-notes are mine.  Anyone that picks those C-notes up is a thief for taking something that isn’t theirs”

    I believe that statement is (legally speaking) unequivocally, totally, absolutely, incorrect. Please leave some money in the street around me.

  55. So by your logic, if I see a coin on the sidewalk, I’m not allowed to pick it up and put it into my pocket?  You really are either a fucking idiot…. well…. actually, I think that pretty much covers it.

  56. Actually, most municipal codes stipulate that found property must be turned into the proper authority (normally the local gendarmerie); if the property goes unclaimed you are then awarded ownership after a specific lapse of time.

  57. I’m sorry Mr. Creampie, you were saying?  

    You have commentary on the municipal statutes surrounding discovered goods?  Did you know failure to report discovery of goods is a felony in most places?  See, thieves like to claim they “found it”.  You might want to look up those laws in your locale, might save you from some uncomfortable moments when the entire courtroom is laughing at your simpleton ass.

    (I honestly thought finders-keepers went away in the 4th grade for most of us.)

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