For my 164th post over nearly 8 years

It’s been a while, 2 years since my last post. Shout out to all the veterans who can remember at least two servers changes !
I remember being there as a kid and witnessing all kind of wonders, SG made me the twisted grown up that i am now. Still rocking my SG t-shirt whenever i get the chance!

Also i’m sure some of you played this wonderful game


and i just wanted to share this video i directed a few month ago because i used to ride this bowl for hours when i was a kid and that years later i had the chance to shoot a bunch of great riders in it 🙂

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3 thoughts on “For my 164th post over nearly 8 years”

    1. I am indeed. Even nicer than i used to be. What did i miss ?
      Last time i checked it was the end of the biggest troll ever, can’t remember his name tough.
      I might need a serious update !

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