39 thoughts on “first post: shitty webcam OC”

  1. I don’t understand why folks don’t just use the SG Image Host. The link is right there on the left hand side of the screen… If you’re new on here and are trying to use imgur, you haven’t been trolling long enough.

  2. for the same reason they post something and don’t bother to see if it
    works. they are fucking stupid and don’t give a big enough fuck about
    space ghetto to clean up after themselves.

  3. Yeah, that’s why I’m saying they haven’t been poking around on here long enough. I saw the posts and comments on this whole imgur issue for months and months before I started posting, so I knew better. 

  4. Well, I actually just jumped in here 2 months ago and I was all like “HAI!” with my first post, of course linked from Imgur. No lurking whatsoever. Got thrown off chat by Hate Rocket and told off by Bobby Peru. However, I don’t believe I’m less of an asshole than they are initially.

  5. I’m here for fun, but also to learn and imitate some good English (it’s not my mother tongue). Reading persons like Bobby, Rapewhistle and some other individuals who use more than correct English here is sheer bliss for me.

  6. To be honest, when I first found out you were from Poland I thought you were from somewhere else like the US or UK and moved there for work or something, because your English is pretty damn good!

  7. No, but they’d still see it okay after only refreshing the site; it’s like, it resides in computer’s memory for some time. If you actually click on it and check the link yourself, you can see for how long.

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