45 thoughts on “fine.”

  1. once again we have another 12 year old terrorist who is forcing the majority of the population to listen to their crap

    we need to find the parents and let them know their kids are playing on their account
    autoplay is like internet terrorism….  forcing the will of 1 child on the rest of us
  2. They have.  The rules of autoplay are
    1. It has to have a way to turn it off, no secret autoplays.
    2. Only one per page.

    there may be more, but those are the main ones.  Again, if autoplay bothers you, like it did me, get Ad Blocker Plus on your machine and add something like:


    to your list of blocked things. 

    suddenly, I stopped sounding like a whiny bitch in the comments of every autoplay post.  It’s amazing.  My whole world got better, I grew 3 inches on my dick and suddenly my horrible ass acne cleared up.  All because of ABP and that one line. 

    If you want no ass acne and to stop sounding like a whiny bitch, take it from a former whiny bitch and do what I did.

  3. even the beginning of the song before ti turns into terrible rap is bad.  They have the base track, and then it starts playing some off beat other track on top of it, what the fuck have you been listing to your entire life to think that this is even a decent representation of music? Cows farting in a field? 

  4. Is it so fucking weird to listen to music that you like while you surf? That’s what I do.

    I don’t listen to music that some stupid cunt likes while I surf.

    Not fucking rocket science is it?

  5. Those guidelines blow, SG shouldn’t need browser plugins, and I usually don’t end up hearing the autoplays due to chrome/my laptop being muted- I just want to make sure the volume of complaints stays high so that mods eventually ban autoplay.

  6. i guess SG shouldn’t have anything but photoshopped size 0 females finger fucking each others’ vaginas while two males fuck them up the ass, kittens, and no more gore either. i love autoplay, and don’t see it banned anytime soon, especially if people are going to bawl about it enough the mods decide to keep it so they can giggle about how pissed other people are.

  7. yes because as you’ve consistently proven people who don’t ever post anything and only comment in order to complain about how the mods aren’t bending over backwards to accomodate them because they don’t want to take less than a minute to download a single plug-in ARE REALLY GETTING SOMEWHERE WITH ALL OF THIS

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