for everyone in s_g chat who wanted to see what sounding was….

blame michelle_tanner and me

blame michelle_tanner and me

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35 thoughts on “for everyone in s_g chat who wanted to see what sounding was….”

  1. Then logic can only lead us to once conclusion. If YOUR wang, hurts…. then EVERYONE’s wang fucking hurts! (there’s a shitty Wang Chung Tonight joke to be made somewhere in here, and I can’t find it…)

  2. pussies.

    sounding is fucking awesome. 

    my journey began a few years back after a xmas/new years spent awake for a couple of days, after dropping the 4th E.

    we were in that strange place where the drugs were actually now making us feel semi-normal and we’d bought a heap of those disco glowsticks to play with. i had an urge to see whether or not i could get one into my japseye and took it into the loo. sure enough it went in fine. since then i’ve found all manner of flexible things feel good in there, and will sound every now and then for something different.

    sure it can sting, but the pain/pleasure dichotomy is exquisite.

    i’ve only caused a mild bleed once, when i overestimated the diameter whilst showing off.

    i’m yet to sound a rigid steel midget cane and probably never will. my penis curves too much for that kind of game.

  3. Once every three months I actually get a little TV camera shoved up my urethra, Franklin.  Personally, I don’t dig it at all.  But hey… whatever makes you happy.

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