40 thoughts on “The day Cooter fell in love”

  1. it’s not like a tall-bike, you can’t put your foot on the pedal and throw your leg over.   my hunch is the answer has something to do with their wolf shirts.

  2. While wearing the shirt, I don’t get onto the unicycle, the unicycle gets under me.

    A normal individual, however, would hold the unicycle upright, step onto the wheel with one foot while quickly stepping up to the pedal in a 6 o’clock position with the other foot. From there, the original foot then comes up to the second pedal. All done in one quick and fluid motion.
  3. I know the guy in the video you linked me to, I actually created his website haha. I mountain unicycle as well, in fact, I’ve been doing it longer than he has. :]
    I butchered this response with edits.
  4. those videos are awesome!  my only question is… balls.  I see you still have them, you’re taking drops on a unicycle! but… balls.  do you destroy them often while extreme unicycling?

  5. The human testicle is actually much more resilient than people give it credit. You just sit right on them. It stops hurting after the first few times you really land on them. After that, they just work really well to cushion your ride.

  6. What stupid person thought it a good idea to whack a set of bollocks right where they are?  Honestly …. they amount of jostling they get during a day…. there must be a better place for them.  Not that I have any of course … but just sayin’.  Under your chin perhaps?  On the back of one’s neck?  how about one dangling off each ear?  Now that could become a fashion statement … maybe.  😉

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