55 thoughts on “Dat polyester weave… dem teef…. DEM TEEF”

  1. Don’t forget the pudge around the old jaw-line, soon she could be on this level if she gives up the hard stuff and hits the old junk food hard.

  2. For some reason, PS is way too complicated for me temporarily IYKWIMWW, but fug it, you did such a good job, I’m not going to bother..


    ‘cept mine wouldn’t have looked BLACK.

  3. corel draw. i only had 2 lessons of it at school (it’s the beginning of the semester), and it’s more for designing cards and shit, so i’m a true beginner. i’ll get better. with PS, too

  4. also, quit your bitching about the appearance of the closest thing to superhumans that the laws of physics allow: celebrities with plastic surgery and drug problems.

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