For Cunty cunt cunt

Please just go ahead, fuck your mom and leave the rest of us out of it.


Please just go ahead, fuck your mom and leave the rest of us out of it.


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75 thoughts on “For Cunty cunt cunt”

  1. good rule of thumb: if you are enough of a conceited prick to make a post complaining about something on the ghetto, then get the fuck out of the ghetto

  2. WHY IS EVERYONE AROUND HERE SUCH FUCKING PUSSIES. Jesus fuck how many times do we have to do this? Grow a set of balls and look at a picture for a quarter of a second while you scroll past. Spaceghetto is themeless you motherfuckers, that means YOU POST WHATEVER YOU FUCKING WANT. If we have to deal with your pointless posts crying about looking at an unshopped naked person, you are just going to have to deal with said post of naked person. DEAL WITH IT. 

  3. ^^ THIS. i’m tired of hearing people bitching about his posts. PGDN.. SCROLL. this isn’t burgerking, fucking deal with it.

  4. the ignore button spoiled people. they feel entitled to their custom tailored SG, which would be better found on tumblr. They also lack perspective, not remembering SG back when you were forced to experience EVERYTHING people posted. SG was rougher back then and it kept these people out.

  5. you’ll note every time we have done a server change with some downtime there is a honeymoon phase of 1-3 weeks of SO GLAD THE GHETTO IS BACK EVERYTHING IS WONDERFUL and once that wears off it immediately segues to the round of crying about how come they have to see _______

    said it once, said it again, will say it as many times as needed: no one is twisting your greasy ham hock behind your back to be here so try to act with a little bit of god damned self-dignity around here people

  6. Yeah that’s exactly what just happened. Emmeran, just don’t post anything for about a year, maybe people will forget how fucking retarded you made yorself look from this.

  7. Whatever dude, it was a valid post with content and a trolling tag line; all the losers took a bite of the bait.  I mean seriously, go back and look at the original post – is there any doubt that the post isn’t a text book troll?

    I don’t know anyone here nor do I harbor grudges against anyone here; I think Eek is funny and I know how to use the scroll wheel and mute button.  However I will get drunk on a daily basis and usely post some pointless, bullshit comment.

    And yes, my avatar is OC

  8. Unless you have done nothing but troll on spaceghetto I think there is considerable room for doubt.  You are a textbook idiot, and while that does not preclude this from being a troll post it does make it look rather unlikely.

  9. Really?  The limit of your world is SpaceGhetto?  It must be as i don’t recall your shaky ass from LowBrow or Cruel.

    Doubt as you wish, I’m here, I pay and I play.


    (and I take affront to the idiot comment; I am a drunk – not an idiot and I’ll thank you to address me as such.)

  10. It is almost impressive that you are self centered enough to think my absence from two sites you visit means I don’t visit the internet outside of S_G.

    I’m drunk a lot too, but I don’t make stupid posts and claim to be trolling when people call me on it.  This is because I am not an idiot.

  11. You guys take this shit waaaay to seriously; it the fucking internets get over it and get over yourselves. Look, the people I trolled didn’t even peep and probably don’t care; you’re just embarassed that you got pwnd so easily.

    And yes I am that self-centered and I am that much of a drunk – it’s served me well though, I make lots of money and have a lot of fun.

  12. Nah, where I’m coming from is that I trolled Cunty and y’all jumped into an A vs B conversation and got pwnd as troll bait.  So now you can’t bring it upon yourselves to STFU and get on with life thus reinforcing your pwnd-ass loser status.

    You just can’t help embarassing yourselves can you?


    Let me clarify; I trolled Cunty fur de lulz – who the fuck are you and why the fuck are you even in this convy?

  13. Seemed a bit more trendy than “I embarassed you through dominance and/or deception”; in the future I’ll stick with my normal verbage as not to confuse you.

  14. Nice, saying with all caps and poor spelling puts that quality spin on the inane insults and as an added benefit, it makes you look cooler to the chicks!

  15. I’m not backpedaling shit; I trolled cunty for the fun of it; y’all fucking bit like Somalis on a shit-sandwich.

    Maybe the definition of “Trolling” has changed over the years but I doubt it, most of y’all probably just aren’t clear on the concept yet.  Don’t worry, you’ll grow out of that.

  16. Oh shit, really?!?!?

    Fuck, let me remake myself in the image of you so I’ll be loved and admired by anonymous internet twits.


    Wait, it’d probably work out better for everyone if you just went and took a flying fuck at a rolling donut.

  17. Wait damnit, I was hoping for a vid of him taking a flying fuck at a rolling donut – has to be far more interesting than planking or owling.

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