Deal with it..or fight it!

Deal with it..or fight it!

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26 thoughts on “Corporations”

  1. Uh if I’m working manual labour, you bet I’ll bitch and fucking moan if I’m working my fucking ass off, getting back pains etc and paid shit. Lucky for this opportunity, but if you’re so bitter about their opportunity, don’t fuck them over because of it. Help a human being out.

  2. I used to live in Pennsyltucky, and to be frank, my limited dealings with “student workers” left me with the consistent impression that they were a bunch of whiny, vapid cunts.   Yes, they’re effectively used as Mexicans, but the jobs are outlined in such a way that even a  prepubescent child with downs and a frontal brain injury could understand what they were getting into.

    Secondarily Pa sponsors hundreds of international students a year to come over and perform in these programs, and unfortunately alot of the lower percentile kids end up at Hershey’s Acme, or another factory gig. That said none of these kids are mensa candidates, despite what youtube wants to sell you. 

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