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Soooo it would appear something is gravely wrong at my anonymous registrar.  Accounts locked.  Payment not applied to balance.  Support unresponsive over months…  I have today purchased !  As soon as possible I will set it up as an alias for the site and in the very likely event that dies you will be able to log in and post at

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So back when Skeezoyd stopped taking care of the site he declined to let me take over the .COM domain name.  So I registered .BIZ with Vindo who offer anonymous domain registration.  Had no issues with them and name was with them since 2014.

Paid their small invoice for name renewal in mid-January but invoice remained marked as unpaid and no one is replying to my support tickets. So anyone here have an anonymous registrar they like?  I’m thinking Vindo may be a ghost ship…

We should have until 2020-04-16 to get sorted but who knows…  A transfer may require some action on Vindo’s end and I may have to get a new, different domain…  Blargh…

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    1. Hover has free domain privacy but anonymous registrars actually don’t have any info on registrant beyond an email so lawyers cannot get at you if you are careful.

  1. Njalla looks pretty good, but they’re privacy by proxy and would have to own the domain name. Not sure how that’s managed in their contracts though.

  2. Well, I wish I knew what all this meant other than it’s a pain, but I am always ready to help out if I can.  Thanks again for keeping up with all this!

  3. It’s only $50 or so for three years.  I will be putting up a link for hosting help as we are about to renew that for the year.  In mean time yellow button on upper right is same thing.

    Thanks for asking!

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