26 thoughts on “chili”

  1. WTF is wrong with you people. This is a Cincinnati abortion. Some simple chili precepts:

    1. No goddamn beans. No starches. And especially no goddamned spaghetti. What are you, poor?
    2. No ground meat. What a waste of a meal. Use cubed chuck, for Christ’s sake. Ground beef is for trailer folk, and chili is made from it only when the hamburger helper has run out. 
    3. NO MOTHERFUCKING CINNAMON. Chocolate may be used if very bitter, and very sparingly. 
    4. That first pic looks like there’s rice in the mix. See rule 1. 
    The above rules do not apply if the chili is destined as a sauce for fries or hotdogs, but those are the only allowable deviations, and such ersatz “chili” may not be consumed without such accompaniments. That is all. 
  2. that’s what i’m saying. i was once called names here for “bombing” my beer (adding whiskey to it. not something i practice often, but it wasn’t the case). I think I put up a good “whatta fuck’s ya problem, dude?!” fight then
  3. If you all want to eat like people who live in a doublewide, and look forward to their anniversary episode of Maury, then be my guest. I just want my fellow ghettoans to achieve their full potential, and not see it squandered on some bean laden spaghetti accessory. 

  4. It’s fucking nomable prepared either way, fuck the bullshit.

    + I wouldnt mind eating as if i lived in a trailer park all fucking day every day if it wasnt so damn unhealthy

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