60 thoughts on “Cheap used books rule.”

  1. eh… some is good, most is not. Same can be said for most anthologies/collections though. The best overall poetry collection I have is Russian Poetry: The Modern Period. 

  2. Add them to my collection, sure. Replace Rand with them, nope. I know she’s not the be-all-end-all of the philosophy world, but unless she’s talking politics, I like her stuff. Plus she served as one of my intros to reading this kind of thing in the first place.

  3. No, she isn’t the be-all-end-all, more like an embarrassing footnote in the 20th century. To be fair though she achieved about as much as any female philosopher has or can be expected to, with characteristic shallowness and superficiality. Everyone has their guilty pleasures, I guess.  </condescension>

  4. I like her stuff on the ego and individuality. Not amazingly deep philosophy, but I like it. No shame in my game. At this point though though only book of hers that I think is actually good is Anthem. 

  5. Anyway, take my Schopenhauer rec to heart. He was my introduction to philosophy; I can quote a lot of his stuff verbatim and I love him like a crotchety, misanthropic and piercingly brilliant great grandfather. Read The World As Will And Representation (available abridged and cheap as The World As Will And Idea by Everyman Library), and while I’d recommend Parerga And Paralipomena it’s published in two paperback volumes by Cambridge for $60 fucking dollars each – fortunately Penguin has a tiny pared-down sliver of it as Essays And Aphorisms, which I’ve gone through three copies of, my present one being creased and dogeared. Your one-stop shop for pessimism, perennialism and post-Kantian sagacity

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