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  1. Do owners of these drive them? My step father and I rebuilt a ’46 Ford panel and it was beautiful. Won a truck load of trophies in car shows. He drove the damned thing at least monthly from spring through fall. Come to think of it he never trailered it to a show. Actually I should say I helped with it, it wasn’t like it was an equal project but I put way more time in than my step brother. My question stands, do owners of these uber high dollar rigs drive’em or just rub them with a diaper.

  2. My next door neighbor growing up had a 56 Thunderbird convertible candy apple red, that he took meticulous care of and only left the garage once a month in nice weather (May>Sept), for it’s monthly wash, wax and detail.  He’d spend a few hours on it.  Let it dry at the end of the driveway, then once the sun started going down, would drive it right back in the garage.  10 years the same thing.  It was immaculate.

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