A brief letter to those who constantly try (in vain) to thwart the efforts of Tolland Man, click read more.. (pic unrelated)

I am guessing all this hostility towards TM as of late is some product of holiday/exam/election time craziness, at least I hope it is. What happened to being nice on the Ghetto? To those feeding Tolland Man, maybe you would get some actual dialogue (assuming this is what you want, which it very well might not be) going if you tried empathizing and figuring out the circumstances which gave and currently give rise to his views rather than bad-mouthing him. However much you dislike his views (or the views he represents here), he is on this site, which means he is most likely not that different than you: probably a middle class white male or female who loves tits/dicks, gore, cats, etc. as much as you do. Tolland might respond with something like “liberals are incapable of actually being rational and empathizing with their fellow human”. This isn’t a troll, this is a challenge. He/she isn’t typing this to send you into a tizzy (unless you have already proven yourself to be a suitable punching bag for him/her, which is most likely as saddening as it is amusing, like a lonely master waiting for a real opponent to surface, only facing children in the meantime), he/she wants to see if you are capable of keeping your cool in a shit-storm of irrational non-sense. I am taking no sides in this matter, but to those who continue to beat their heads against the wall trying to thwart TM, stop. Your current tactics don’t and will never work. Why not try really talking to the guy/gal instead of spitting your own vomit and bile at him/her? If you are of the opinion that he/she is incapable of actually talking to you, well my friend, he/she wins.  

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34 thoughts on “A brief letter to those who constantly try (in vain) to thwart the efforts of Tolland Man, click read more.. (pic unrelated)”

  1. dear tolland:

    when you first showed up around these parts, all you did was obama-bash.  it became tiresome and wasn’t really even funny.  you were like a one trick pony.  but my, how you’ve grown!  i feel like i’ve watched you blossom right before my very eyes.  i’m pretty sure we don’t share the same views on a lot of things (probably most), but i can certainly appreciate your sense of humor.  good job spicing up the ghetto.  i like spicy shit.  
  2. I mean, I guess they get all offended when he has the poor taste to interrupt the steam of photos of miscarriages, car wreck victims, gay porn, saggy ol’ hetro porn, cat pictures, science stuff and black n white naked hipsterettes with a picture making fun of the president. 

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