Biohacking, Self-Surgeries, Cyborgs(?), Lepht Anonym is Awesome

“Lepht Anonym is a bio-hacker based in Berlin who performs self-surgeries in order to explore and affect a personal transition to a physical cyborg state. Fed up with the abstract idealism of the Transhumanism movement, they Lepht implanted different types of sensors in Lepth’s body to develop new senses. Lepht does all of these self-surgeries without anesthesia and uses Lepht’s own body as the test dummy. In doing so, Lepht successfully gained additional senses that no other human in history have experienced. Some examples include Lepht’s experimentation with subdermal RFID implants, the same type that are implanted in pets, to enable Lepht to unlock personal computer and other devices. Lepht later moved to implanting neodymium metal disks in Lepht’s fingertips that allowed for sensing the shape and strength of electro-magnetic fields (given off by power cords, magnets, and electric devices). Lepht is currently working on a project called “Southpaw”, a device in the knee which would always point magnetic north. It is based on an external ankle device of the same function, the Northpaw. Northpaw was created by the bio-hacking group Sensebridge, and consists of a compass that allows the wearer to physical feel magnetic north. Northpaw differs from a normal visual compass in that it continuously displays direction to the wearer rather than requiring that they occasionally check a device. Due to plasticity of the brain, the constant signal develops into an unerring sense of direction and a persistent knowledge of where the wearer is relative to everywhere else they have been while wearing the North Paw.

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