Aww What happened to the SUV post?!

I will concede that electronics have made cars safer.  I still wouldn’t prefer them, but that’s besides the point. 

And in other news, the earth is round, and water is wet. 

I’m curious to how much money went into this study, only to state the obvious.  “BIG CAR IS SAFER THAN SMALLER CAR!”  Well, yeah.  Due to the extra metal all around the SUV driver, and their crumple zone is 8 yards long, compared to, lets say, what i drive, which is a Civic Hatchback, where my left knee is part of the crumple zone. 

I will say, SUV’s block whatever view the driver behind them has.  So for example, Im on the freeway, doing a comfortable 70 mph behind an SUV, and then it does a last minute lane change due to a car going slow in front of it.  Unless im Michael Schumacher, i wont have the necessary reaction time (or the grippy F1 tires) to swerve around the once obscured car ahead of me that suddenly appeared.  That has been a very big cause of accidents around here (Detroit) .  They also have this god complex, sitting up high.  They know they are in a safer position if indeed they crash, so their balls grow and make bold moves on the road.  Scaring the shit out of everybody.

That study is horse shit.  They may have gotten safer, but their drivers still obscure everybody’s view, and drive around like idiots due to their false sense of bravery. 

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