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  1. I have it but my seizures aren’t triggered by flashing lights. OR at least they never have been in the past. They seem to come at random, without any sort of obvious trigger. Fortunately as long as I stay on my meds they keep that shit under control. Sometimes I forget though.

  2. so I says to the guy, Hey bobby! I got two bad eyes and two bad ears. He says “why don’t yous look at this here screen and put on these headphones” he says.
    I look at him and say “are yous sure?” “foggetaboutit” he says. I’ve tried this on a bunch of people I don’t even know on the internets and they all seemed better for it.
    So I did and badabingbadaboom. I’m cured! waddaya know, the guy’s a frickin’ genius! foggetaboutit. Thanks dr. Peru, I owes yous big time!

  3. i have a friend that is epileptic. certain smells will set him off. epilepsy is weird. the doctors told him its something to do with memories. the smells trigger subconscious memories, which in turn set off his epilepsy. hell, idk ¯\(º_o)/¯

  4. The memories thing kind of makes sense I suppose. When I have a petit mal (no spasms and still conscious) Something about what I’m doing, hearing or watching gives me this overwhelming sense of deja vu. I almost dream it while I’m awake but it’s all twisted and different than what is actually happening. If I can force myself to think of something else, or just blank my thoughts entirely I can kind of push the scenario out of my head and the seizure stops sooner. Sometimes it’s just too strong though and no matter what I try to focus on my mind keeps going back to that scenario. It makes the seizure last longer and it gets more intense.

    I’m aware of what’s going on around me but I can’t really respond. The most I can ever get out is usually a few words like “Seizure, leave me alone”. But I’m not sure if the thing that I’m seeing was the trigger or if it’s part of the deja vu because that’s jut what was happening when the seizure started. Because i have had them alone in my room with no real stimulus. In those cases it’s just whatever I might have been thinking about at the time.

    For the grand mal seizures I generally have no warning at all. One moment I’m awake and the next thing I know I’m waking up after it’s over. Sometimes a petit mal will lead into a grand mal, but that’s pretty rare for me. The grand mals really suck though.

  5. he has described that exact same feeling of deja-vu to me several times! you are not alone, my friend

    first time he had a grand was while driving. he totaled the car 🙁

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